JB (Arvada West)The Haunted Mesa by Louis Lamour

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    Fiction: Scarey--0-10 pages; total (10)
    From the begining, a guy named Mike has been hearing about this myth of a haunted mesa from an old cowboy in a restraunt in New Mexico. Now he is intrested in going there to explore, so the old man gives him tips on what will happen and what won't becuase he has explored it once before. The old cowboy gives Mike a map of the Mesa that he made incase he ever needed it. The cowboy told him that people would kill for that map! Whatever that means?
  • 10-24; total(24)

    Now, Mike has been thinking about an old friend named Erik Hokart who is very wealthy through his brilliance of selling and making electronics. The reason why Mike has been thinking about his old pal is because when Mike went to his apartment room, he recieved a package from Erik. Inside the package was a journal that Erik wrote in like a diary. As of now Mike has been reading Erik's journal just for intrest wondering why Erik's journal was sent to him.
  • 24-30; toatal(30)

    As Mike has been reading Erik's journal, Mike begins to have a feeling that the journal was actually a message from Erik to himself. As Mike keeps on reading Erik begins to describe his adventures in the mesa himself. It is the same haunted in which the old cowboy also explored. As time passes by, Erik runs into an Indian lady named Kawasi outside of his home which is in the mesa.
  • 30-39; total(39)

    Mike has still been reading Erik's journal. Kawasi the indian lady that Erik had met earlier now starts talking to him on some kind of evil people who are looking to kill them both from another world, but mainly Erik because for some reason he is important. The two continue conversating.
  • 39-57; total(57)

    Mike now knows that some kind of evil people from another world are chasing and looking to kill Erik and Kawasi in the mesa country. Erik said in the journal that he hoped Mike would read it in the future. Erik talks about how Kawasi leads him to directions away from evil people since she knows the country by heart becuase she is a Navajo Indian born in the country. Both Erik and Kawasi have been running away and hiding from these evil people now.
  • 57-127: total(127)

    Mike still being lost in Erik's journal begins to read about a local cafe near the haunted mesa where both Erik and kawasi were having breakfast. A few men walk into the cafe Erik ends up running through the back being chased by these men. This is where the journal stops contuing! Also earlier both Kawasi and Erik were nearly caught captive by the evil people in the mesa.
  • 127-183: total(183)

    Mike ends up going to the cafe. He finds Kawasi and begins to conversate with her for a really long time in the cafe. Then a sherrife of the town begins to interview Kawasi on what happened earlier with Erik. All three of them conversate. Then Mike and Kawasi go search for Erik.
  • 127-190: total(190)

    With the map given was Mike, him and Kawasi use it to go look for Erik in the mesa. Kawasi talks about several differtent worlds in which Erik might be in, but to enter they must find the secret holes to get into in which Kawasi has been to before. So they end up looking for clues in the mesa to find these holes to other worlds.
  • 190-240: total(240)

    Running through obsticales is Kawasi and Mike. They finally find the "third world" hole and enter. Mike ends u having to use his .357 mag on him several times just to get away from the evil people and will most likely use it for the future to find captive Erik. All kinds of weird things have been going in this book now I'm confused! A lot has happened in this third world and the evil people who are actually a rival indian tribe of the Navajo indians.
  • 240-265: total(265)

    Entering like two more worlds did Kawasi and Mike, and they have now found the evil peoples building that they go to and found out that they are living in the fifth or some other world number. Thinking that Erik might be in this young but old looking building they go to investigate.