Japanese Expansionalism timeline

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  • Mathew Perry's "black ships" arrival

    Mathew Perry's "black ships" arrival
  • Treaty of Kanagawa

    Treaty of Kanagawa
    First treaty signed between Japan and the United States.
  • Education reform

    Primary school became compulsory for all Japanese.
  • First Japanese railroad built.

    Single-track steam locomotive operated on the first railroad, its peak speed being about 20 km/h.
  • Telegraph introduced

  • Western banking system

    Starting at 1882, rich noble families of Japan began engaging into business, eventually (with governmental assistance) forming a European-like financial system called Zaibatsu.
  • The first Diet

    The first Diet
    A Japanese analogue of parliament was gathered for the first time
  • First Sino-Japanese war began

    First Sino-Japanese war began
  • Taiwan occupied by Japan

  • First Sino-Japanese war ended

    First Sino-Japanese war ended
    Japan has won the conflict thanks to its modernised military, acquiring new territories in East Asia (Korean Peninsula and Manchuria)
  • London agreement

    Military alliance formed between Japan and Great Britain.
  • Russo-Japanese War begins

    Russo-Japanese War begins
    The war was officially began by Japanese attack on Russian fleet in Port Arthur.
  • Portsmouth Treaty, end of Russo-Japanese War

    Portsmouth Treaty, end of Russo-Japanese War
    Japan has enhanced its positions in northern Asia by acquiring Manchuria from Russian Empire.
  • Korean Peninsula annexed by Japan

  • Japan lands troops to China

    An army under command of general Kamio Mitsuomi has landed on Shangdong peninsula.
  • Japan sends "21 requests" to China

    Among others, Japanese Empire has demanded more influence in northern Asia and Chinese areas in particular.
  • Period: to

    Meiji period

    Under the new Emperor, knows as Meiji, a series of significant changes took place