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Japan Returns to Isolation

By Goofy(:
  • Jan 1, 1300

    Setting the Stage

    Setting the Stage
    1300's unity started to break down in Japan.
  • Jan 1, 1467

    Fuedal System

    Fuedal System
    1467, Civil War shattered Japan's fuedal system
  • Period: Feb 17, 1467 to Feb 17, 1568


    1467-1568, voilent era known as sengoku or ''warring states''
  • Feb 22, 1543


    Encounter of Europeans when shipwrecked Portugese saliors washed up on shore of Southern Japan
  • Feb 22, 1549

    Christian Monasteries

    Christian Monasteries
    Christian Monasteries arrived
  • Jan 1, 1568

    Oda Nobungaga

    Oda Nobungaga
    Oda Nobungaga defeated rivals and siezed imperial capital Kyoto
  • Feb 17, 1575

    3000 Soldiers

    3000 Soldiers
    Nobunaga's 3000 soldiers armed with muskets crushed an enemy force of similar calvary
  • Feb 17, 1582


    Nobunaga commited seppuku, ritual suicide, after one of his generals turned on him
  • Toyotomi Hideyoshi

    Toyotomi Hideyoshi took over and controled most of the country by combining brute force and shrewd political alliance
  • Withdrew

    Hideyoshi died and troops wihtdrew from Korea
  • Strongest Diamyo

    Strongest Diamyo
    Ieyasu strongest diamyo defeated rival at Battle of Sekigahara
  • Convert

    European convert 300,000 Japanese to Christianity
  • Period: to


    Edo went from small to largest city in the world
  • Ieyusa dies

    Ieyusa dies
    Ieyusa dies, HIdeyoshi takes his place in line.
  • persecuted

    Christaians were persecuted and banned
  • Isolation

    Japan became Isolated
  • Invasion

    HIdeyoshi invaded Korea, began long campain agianst Korea and MIng Chinese allies