Jane Eyre

  • Gateshead: The Red Room

    Gateshead:  The Red Room
    First conscious moment of self. She is in this miserable home where she is unwanted and unjustly treated. She is sent to the red room, a "haunted" room (her uncle), after she defends herself by hitting John and standing up in a billigerent way to Mrs. Reed. The room experience nearly kills her, but it sets into motion her eventually being able to leave and find herself.
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    Jane Eyre's Autobiography

  • Gateshead: Reed and Bessie

    Gateshead:  Reed and Bessie
    Jane Eyre totally reproaches Mrs. Reed, which shows us signs of the woman that Jane Eyre could be. That confrontation shows us Jane Eyre's strong character. (This trait will be suppressed by Lowood. There she will learn modesty, control, propriety, and respect. It also teaches a little too much subservience; know your servant place in society.) At the same time, she does develop her first friend, loving relationship with another. Bessie reaches out to her in a purely loving way.
  • Lowood: Helen/Miss Temple

  • Lowood: After Helen/Miss Temple

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