Jamie O'Connor

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    Jamie's life

  • Honda Insight

    Honda Insight
    The Honda Insight was created this month, which is a hybrid car. This is important because the use of gas in cars is beginning to go down because these cars also use battery charging.
  • JoLin O'Connor born

    JoLin O'Connor born
    Today my sister was born in Bejing. China. This is important to me because she is my only sister, and I wouldn'y have her if she wasn't born.
  • Moved to the United States

    Moved to the United States
    I was born and lived in Kazakhstan until this day. This day is the most important day to me, because I wouldn't be here if this didn't happen,
  • 9-11

    September 11th took a toll on the United States and its security. They had added more rules to airports and its security.
  • Facebook Created

    Facebook Created
    Facebook is important and changed how the world works because people can stay in contact with each other a lot easier. People can see how their family and loved ones are doing without actually talking. It became the second biggest site on the web, behind myspace.
  • First iPhone released

    First iPhone released
    The first iPhone was created on this day. It is important because it changed the way people kept in contact. You can call, use facebook, and text all on the same device.
  • Moved to California

    Moved to California
    I moved to California with some of my moms friends, This is important because I wouldn't of met some of the amazing people I had.
  • Moved to Texas

    Moved to Texas
    I went to a christian boarding school in texas, Its important to me because I learned religious values here.
  • President Obamas Inaguration

    President Obamas Inaguration
    The 44th president of the United States is Barack Obama. He is the first African American president and this is imporant because it shows that our country is looking beyond race and into important political stuff.
  • Moved back to Chicago

    Moved back to Chicago
    On this day I moved back to Chicago from Texas. This day is important to me because I finally got to live with my family again.
  • First Time in Public High School

    First Time in Public High School
    This is the first time I'd ever been to public highschool, and it happened to be Lake Park. This is important to me because I made a bunch of new friends, and learned thing I didn't in boarding school.
  • Osama Bin Laden killed

    Osama Bin Laden killed
    Osama was shot, and this is important because it was revenge to the Uinited States. They wanted him dead after he helped plan 9-11.
  • Got my first job

    Got my first job
    I got my first job at Four Seasons Pool this day. This is important to me because I finally learned how to make my own money and how to spend it wisely.
  • Met Tyler Thomas

    Met Tyler Thomas
    I met Tyler at lunch when we were talking about Dodge For Cure, This is imporant to me because he is a really great friend and shows me the meaning of life.
  • North Korea failed missle

    North Korea failed missle
    North Korea has been recieving money from the United Staes to help feed there people. They ended up using the money to build a missile, that failed and the United States might stop funding them.