• The pilgrims have reached the place of Jamestown

    The pilgrims reached the area where they were going to build Jamestown.
  • The pilgrims started making Jamestown

  • starving time

    the starving time happened after John smith set the "dont work don't eat" law, a war started and people pecame sick and starving, and died. Auround this time they also decided to abandon the town, but some goods coming in stopped the process.
  • John Smith became leader (no day)

    John Smith becable leader of the cononly auround this time.
  • first 2 women in Jamestown

    Auround this time, the first 2 women made it to Jamestown (no day given).
  • John smith was injured and left for England.

    He was injured by burning gunpowder and left for England.
  • Death of John Smith

    At this day, John smith died.