ISS - Individual Project Justin Karel

  • The ISS is built

    President Reagan directs NASA to build the International Space Station at the State of the Union Address.
  • 1st part of the ISS launches.

    A Russian-built part of the ISS called the "Zarya" was launched. This was the first part of the space station that launched into space.
  • The first crew lives on the ISS

    The first cosmonauts live on the ISS for several months.
  • Lab added to the ISS

    U.S brings a laboratory to the ISS for research purposes
  • European lab Joins

    The European Space agency joins with the International Space Station.
  • Japanese lab joins the ISS

    The International Space Station gains the Kibo Lab module from Japan.
  • 10 Year Anniversary

    The 10th anniversary of continuous human occupation at the ISS. Since 2000 when the ISS first launched 202 people have lived on the station.
  • Cooperative agreement

    Issue a cooperative agreement for management partnered.
  • NASA chooses ISS as the national lab

    NASA brings management to the lab by selecting the Center of Advancement for Science in Space to manage the ISS.
  • ISS has its first international lab flight

    Crystals that were grown as proteins in space are useful for the development of new drugs