Isiaih timeline

  • 150

    California and the Compromise of 1850

    The discovery of gold in California in 1848 sent thousands of Americans hurrying in the west in search of wealth in 1849.
    exclusively male and mostly white Americans
  • Period: Jan 16, 1500 to

    Middle passage

    slaves were transported to work ,15% died on the ship. 10-12 million were transfered to work.
  • slaves in africa

    the spread of isalm into african in the 17 century ,increased slavey and slave trade .muslim sent 17 million africans to muslum land in the north & the south american.
  • spain & portugal

    by the 1650 almost 300,000 larbored throughout spamish americans on plantaion in there gold silver mines .
    in the 1600's brazil came and cammanded the suger market.
  • slavery spreads to the americans

    europens colonies in the americans damaded that the cheap labor grew. also in the 1807 they abolished slavery ,by the time it was finally abolished 1.7 million were transfered .
    by the 1830 2 million africans were sold to british in the north america
  • Fugitive Slave Laws

    The Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 made slavery a more emotional and personal issue for many white people who had previously considered slavery a remote southern institution.
  • The Pursuit of Runaway Slaves

    In 1850 in New York City, federal authorities captured a
    black porter and returned him to slavery in Baltimore, even though he
    said no because his mother was a free woman he had not been a
  • The Rochester Convention, 1853

    In 1853, while northern communities gcame together with the consequences of the fugitive slave law, African-American leaders gathered for a national convention in Rochester, New York.
  • the demand for africans

    they were buying & selling slaves.slave traded ended in 1870, 9.5 million africans were importorted in american. they were also exsposed too diseases.