iran timeline

  • leadership of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi

    the people didnt like Shah even though he made Iran a rich country
  • the white goverment

    agressive campaign of social and economic westernization that is met with intense popular position.
  • leading the opposition to the shah Ayatollah Ruholah khomeini

    he is a member of the muslim clergy
  • the Shas's government has collapsed

    the new government was lead by Ayotollah Khomeini, moved to restore Islamic law
  • the death of Khomeini

    the government got taken over by President Hashemi Rafsanjani
  • iran remains nuetral

    iran remains nuetral after iraqs invasion of kuwait
  • oil and trade sanctions

    president clinton imposes oil and trade sanctions on Iran
  • reformist win victory

    iranian reformist win landslide in general election
  • military option

    white house refuses to rule out the military option in dealing with Iran
  • UN resolution

    UN condems Iran for keeping some of its nuclear weapons a secret
  • never give up on nuclear technology

    iranian president Mohammed Khatami says his country will never give up on nuclear technology
  • congratulations to obama

    president Mahmoud ahmadinejad offers congradulation to barack obama after hos election
  • women stoned to death

    international outcry as a women is sentenced to death by stoning for adultery
  • protesters attack

    protesters atack the british embassy in Terhan after London imposes tighter economic sanctions