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  • First Mpeg standard issued

    Fraunhofer's and Dieter Seitzer’s audio coding algorithm was integrated into MPEG-1.
  • Second Mpeg standard

    This was released a year after the first one and it was a bit more updated.
  • Day of the Mp3 Demand

    America asks for a pateant MP3
  • Portable MP3

    Portable MP3
    The first and the ever made MP3 player is invented and lunched that is portable and can be taken anywhere.
  • First classic ipod

    First classic ipod
    The first ipod ever made
  • Period: to


    All ipods
  • Second classic ipod

    Second classic ipod
    second generation a bit more improved than the first one.
  • Third classic ipod

    Third classic ipod
    Third one of the classicss
  • first mini

    first mini
    first ever mini ipod
  • fourth ipod classic

    fourth ipod classic
    no color one
  • ipod classic 4

    ipod classic 4
    photo one
  • first shuffle ever

    first shuffle ever
  • second ipod mini

    second ipod mini
  • ipod classic 4

    ipod classic 4
    color one
  • first nano

    first nano
  • 5th ipod classic

    5th ipod classic
  • 2nd nano ipod

    2nd nano ipod
  • 2nd shuffle

    2nd shuffle
  • sixth ipod classic

    sixth ipod classic
  • 3rd nano

    3rd nano
  • First ipod touch

    First ipod touch
    This was the first ever made ipod touch which included games and music with videos on it all at the same time
  • 4rth nano

    4rth nano
  • Ipod touch second gen

    Ipod touch second gen
    This was the second one made which was improved with new graphics pixels and new software
  • third shuufle

    third shuufle
  • fifth nano

    fifth nano
  • Ipod touch 3rd gen

    Ipod touch 3rd gen
    This was the same as ipod touch 2 but with better graphics, pixels and also had a 64gb ipod.
  • sixth nano

    sixth nano
  • shuffle 4

    shuffle 4
  • Ipod touch 4rth gen

    Ipod touch 4rth gen
    This one had a front and back camera included in it and also had white color in it. This also had a new i.o.s software with it.
  • seventh nano

  • Ipod touch 5

    Ipod touch 5
    This is the newest and latest ipod that includes siri and has a longer battery life. This ipod has a A5 processor and has different color cases on the back.