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iPhone Timeline

  • First phone that syncs with iTunes

    Motorola releases the Motorola ROKR E1 that allows users to upload music from iTunes onto their phone.
  • First iPhone announced

    Steve Jobs announces the new iPhone at the MacWorld 2007.
  • First iPhone released

    The iPhone is launched and available only through the AT&T netword. The 4G was sold for $499 and the 8G was $599.
  • iPhone 4G Discontinued

    Apple discontinues the iPhone 4G and lowers the price of the 8G to $499. Those who paid the original price of $599 are given a $100 Apple Store credit.
  • iPhone 16G

    The iPhone 16G is released.
  • App Store

    500 applications available in the new App Store.
  • First 32G iPhone

    The iPhone 3S is lanuched and the first 32G iPhone available.