Timeline Technologies

  • Ipad

    in 2010 the first iPad was created. This is created by Apple. There is not a specific name on who created it but the brand Apple did. an iPad is something people use to that is a quick and bigger screen not nessisarily a need for a laptop but something faster
  • Apple Watch

    Apple Watch
    Apple Watch was made in 2014, this was something that can send text, phone calls if your phone was in your pocket. could track your steps and such. this was created by apple
  • Amazon Echo

    Amazon Echo
    Amazon echo is a device that people have in their homes to set timers, ask the weather, hook up lights, play music out loud. This was created by amazon not a specific person. this was made in 2015
  • Air pods

    Air pods
    Air pods were made by apple in 2016. This was the first apple made product that was bluetooth to listen to music. This was also created by apple.
  • Shareable electric scooters

    Shareable electric scooters
    In 2018 was when the "bird" was created. This was a app and a bike that was shareable to others through the app. this is something people are and have fun with on a day to day basis. Specially in Pheonix Arizona. The shareable electric scooters don't have a creaters name but 'bird" is the name of the product.