Inventions, Their Impact and History

By rlluce
  • IPod Touch

    IPod Touch
    The IPod Touch Generation 5 was released on October 11th, 2012.
    The IPod was invented by Apple.
    The iPod Touch had a 4-inch diagonal screen, that allowed for apps to be used and downloaded. The iPod has a camera, EarPods and even Siri.
    This invention was not one of the first IPods but it has created a backbone for many IPhones. It was one of the first touch screen electronics that I have used.
  • LG C1100

    LG C1100
    This phone was first invented in 2004, I started to use it as my own in 2016.
    This phone was a has a hard-to-press number pad and a small screen.
    The flip phone was a small phone, easy to bring around on the person. These types of phones did the job and were common before the IPhone.
  • IPhone 8

    IPhone 8
    The iPhone was released by Apple on September 22, 2017.
    I got this phone in 2019 as my first phone.
    The invention of the iPhone has been very popular throughout the years. As the phones get better throughout the years more people will be seen with better versions of them.
    The easily accessible screen makes it easy to look though apps, the camera to take quality pictures, and files all in one device.
  • MacBook Air 13"

    MacBook Air 13"
    The MacBook Air computer was first introduced in 2008 by Steve Jobs, Apple.
    This computer allows for the uploading of pictures, searching the web, creating documents, downloading and so much more.
    This invention has changed many thoughts of the computer to change by being so light, thin and easily accessible.
    The great design of the computer has impacted how many other products are designed.
  • Apple Watch Series 6

    Apple Watch Series 6
    The Apple Watch was something that I owned for the first time in 2021 however it was released by Apple in 2015 the first time. This series of watch was released in 2020.
    This watch has many perks, ability to make and receive text messages and calls, it can read heart rate, blood oxygen, fitness levels and more.
    This watch has promoted health and fitness through tracking on the device, the watch can also alert medical professionals based on the heart rate of the individual who wears it.