Inventions in US since 1953

  • Solar Battery

    Solar Battery
    Inventor(s): Bell Telephone Labratory Scientists
    *Advantages: Eviroment friendlier than normal batteries "Photovoltaic History." "Bell Solar Battery." . Web. 22 Jul 2011.
  • Video Tape

    Video Tape
    *Advantages: Can watch films at home, easy to record things.
    *Disadvantages: Can be damaged easily. *Image:
    "How many memories are slowly decaying in the attic?." Whatever the format - 2DVD can help. Web. 23 Jul 2011.
  • Heart Pacemaker

    Heart Pacemaker
    Inventor(s): Wilson Great Batch

    *Advantages: Safe, rate can be changed to meet your needs,
    *Disadvantages: Can cause discomfort and pain. Severe and rare complications can include heart attack, stroke. "Heart Pacemaker." Pacemaker Implant. Web. 23 Jul 2011.
  • Internet

    Inventor(s): US Military
    *Advantages: Gives extremely easy access to many materials such as recipes, home remedies.. Also helps people keep in touch over long distances
    *Disadvantages: Addicting, keeps people inside, people stay on the internet too long and don't go out and enjoy nature. *Image:
    "Internet Voip." Internet Voip. Web. 23 Jul 2011.
  • Electronic Pocket Calculator

    Electronic Pocket Calculator
    Inventor(s): J.S. Kiby and J.D. Merryman
    *Advantages: Saves time doing mathematics
    *Disadvantages: People use the calculator instead of their own skills. *Image:
    "Elka 101, electronic pocket calculator, 1976." Web. 22 Jul 2011.
  • Cell Phone

    Cell Phone
    Inventor(s): Martin Cooper
    *Advantages: Easy to keep in touch with people. Can help in an emergency (to quickly call for help)
    *Disadvantages: It is theorized that cell phones kill bees. Can prove as a hazard while driving. *Image:
    "First Phone." When was the First Mobile Phone invented?. Web. 22 Jul 2011.
  • Personal Computer

    Personal Computer
    Inventor(s): Steve Jobs and Bill Gates
    *Advantages: Helps to access many programs helping in everyday jobs.
    *Disadvantages: People stay on too long, don't go outside and enjoy nature. Ruins eyesight. *Image:
    "Personal Computer." Personal Computer. Web. 23 Jul 2011.
  • Digital Camera

    Digital Camera
    Inventor(s): Steven Sasson
    *Advantages: Captures memories, has more storage soace than film cameras
    *Disadvantages: Battery can run out *Image:
    "Digital Camera." Few tips for buying a Digital Camera. Web. 23 Jul 2011.
  • Artificial Heart

    Artificial Heart
    Inventors(s): Robert K. Jarvick
    *Advantages: Gives people more time to enjoy life with thier loved ones.
    *Disadvantages: Possible infection, body needs to be a certain size for the heart to fit. *Image:
    "The AbioCor is the first artificial heart to be used in nearly two decades.." How Artificial Hearts Work. Web. 23 Jul 2011.
  • Ipod

    Inventor(s): Apple
    *Advantages: Entertainment, can aid in learning,
    *Disadvantages: constant headphone use can cause ear problems *Image:
    "Ipod Classic." Brief review of Ipod classic. Web. 23 Jul 2011.
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