Inventions in Computing: The 90's

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  • Adobe Photoshop is released

    Adobe Photoshop is released
    The Knoll Brothers, frustrated with a lack of editing software present on most PC's, begin to code their own. This grabs the attention of Adobe, who give the two boys the resources necessary to release Photoshop to the world in 1990.
    Photoshop wouldn't have quite an impact immediately after coming out, but as it stands right now has entirely shaped the photography world, the art world, the modeling world, and every person's trust in a photograph as being "real" will forever be shaky.
  • The Newton is shipped to a lackluster reception

    The Newton is shipped to a lackluster reception
    Formerly one of the biggest powerhouses in the tech industry, Apple continues to struggle with the release of the Newton, which fails to meet market expectations.
    However, the technology brought forward by the Newton would later become central to not only other apple products, but for other company's tech releases, years away.
  • Introduction of Mosaic

    Introduction of Mosaic
    Though the internet had existed just before the turn of the decade, it took until loosely 1993 for it to truly catch on, thanks in large part to the introduction of Mosaic. Mosaic was one of the first web browsers, and it's graphical integrity led to the foundational design for the megacorporation-backed browsers we see today.
  • The Sony PlayStation is released in the US

    The Sony PlayStation is released in the US
    Marking Sony's first foray into the gaming console market, Sony would released the PlayStation,which sold 102.49 million units and quickly became one of Sony's most influential products.
    The introduction of the PlayStation arguably killed the company SEGA, which would result in Microsoft filling the void, and the current video game company rivalry.
  • Google is Officially Registered

    Google is Officially Registered
    Though founder's Larry Page and Sergey Brin had been working on tech for years prior, the official Google domain name was registered in 1997. Google would, as most people know, quickly become one of the largest tech suite's in the world, and the most popular search engine there is.