Internet Services

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    Internet developmet

  • Messaging

    it allows the exchange of messages in real time with other people you are connected with at the time, with the same program and have to be registered in a list of contacts. Some programs allow voice conversations or video
  • File Transfer = FTP

    it allows you to transfer files and folders from one computer to another computer by accessing directly to the receiver computer. It´s usually private, and requires username and password
  • Forums

    two or more people exchange views, information and ideas through messages asking and answering questions and reading the answers
  • Videoconferencing

    two or more people converse with image and sound on line using the webcam and microphone
  • IRC (Chat)

    IRC (Chat)
    two or more people communicate one each other publicly or privately writing in real time through the network
  • e-Government

    It´s a use of ICTs to provide citizens the access to government administrations and to make transactions without having to appear in person at the offices
  • Blogs

    web space that includes, as a personal diary of the author or authors, content of interest, updated frequently and often commented by readers
  • Press, Radio and Digital TV

    Press, Radio and Digital TV
  • Electronic commerce (e-Commerce)

    how to buy online
  • Electronic commerce (e-Commerce)

    how to buy online
  • Training (e-Learning)

    through online manuals, videoconference sessions, distance learning (e-learning) and material on any issue
  • Wikis

    websites where several participants write an item, modify it, correct it and expand it in order to collect common knowledge Video - What is Wikipedia
  • Social Networking

    Social Networking
    space for dialogue where registered users connect with friends, colleagues, family to send messages, share pictures, discuss issues, etc
  • Work

    it allows professional activities using telematics tools. There are also employment agencies that connect businesses and workers
  • Networks Co

    Networks Co
    group of people working on a common project sharing information and tasks using internet tools. A shared work area is called WorkSpace, and it´s accessible only to persons authorized by the administrator