international space station

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  • main piece of station sent up to space

    main piece of station sent up to space
    in 1998, the building of the space station started when the russian control module was sent and acted as the main piece of the station.
  • Period: to

    the building process of the international space station

  • U.S orbiter sent to join control module.

    on this date, U.S.A joins russia to make the opening hatch of the station. The U.S orbiter was sent and attatched to the control module
  • cargo sent to station

    cargo sent to station
    on this date, cargo filled with supplies is sent to the station as the first crew would be going up to the station soon to start living and working in the station.
  • Zevezda takes time to build

    before the astronauts could start living in the station, they had to build the living quarters of where they could live for a while. This capsule was called Zevezda but instead of being launched into space at the promised date, the building was delayed because of some issues so the proton rocket that was to send the capsule to space, was shut down.
  • The launch of Zevezda

    After the delay, Zevezda was finally reafy to break the Earth's surface and begin its trip to the space station.
  • Discovery also gets delayed

    Discovery also gets delayed
    Another piece of the station called "discovery" was set to launch at the 11th of October 2000 but technicians delayed it as they brought up that the discovery had a problem with one of the bolts. Technicians wanted to research thin problem.
  • Technicians prepare

    This was the day to get everything prepared as the atlantis crew were going to launch up into space soon to start living and breathing there.
    Everyone has wanted to know how it would be like to live in space and now, people will know.
  • Living in Space

    Living in Space
    On this date, the Crew of Atlantis have already launched to space and are getting ready to attach their capsule to the international space station.
  • The crew come back

    The crew come back
    After living and working in the space station for a while, the crew come back to Earth with results from their experience.
  • A life boat is sent

    A life boat is sent
    A new capsule is sent to the international station to act as an emergency "lifeboat" for the new crew.