Interactive Timeline

Timeline created by jakelabenski
  • USSR launches Sputnik, first artificial earth satellite

  • 1st Mobile Phone

    Martin Cooper of Motorola made the very mobile phone
  • First Internet Service Provider

  • Microsoft is created

  • Apple is created

  • USENET forms to host news and discussion groups

    First of the news
  • First Webcam

    The very first webcam
  • First virus

    Very first virus is born
  • CERN introduces the World Wide Web to the public

  • First audio and video are distributed over the Internet

    First videos on internet
  • MP3 is developed

  • The first online dating site,, launches

  • Netflix is launched

  • Google was created

    Most popular search engine is created
  • Wifi is brought into homes

  • Wikipedia was formed

    Still around today, Wikipedia was formed and is still very popular
  • Myspace is born

    As many of us know, Myspace, is boring and was a very popular social network platform
  • Facebook was created

    Facebook, a way people can post and communicate with others, was created
  • YouTube was created

    YouTube, as many of us use today, was launched
  • 1st IPhone release

    The very first iPhone was released!