Innovations of humans

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    Tribal era

    Before empires there were tribes. Tribes dominated small pieces of land but they mostly roamed the earth looking for food and water, plus anything that could be used for trading.Some tribes were very advanced and looked like massive empires and others came and went.Probably the best tribe was the polynesians. This race used (unheard of before) double hulled canoes to race through the water to find new land(s).
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    he ancient Egyptians didn’t like to travel much until the Ptolemaic times and even then they didn’t go on great expeditions. The most used type of transport was a reed boat woven out of papyri (a type of egyptian river plant) with a special design for West and East. The Egyptians also made the iconic pyramids a massive feat in that age because of their colossal size and shape.The greatest being the Pyramids of Giza
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    The Greeks were one of the civilisations to use celestial Navigation. They were one of the first to sail from Greece to The British Isles.They also used Clouds to navigate.They may have (later on) in ancient grecian times(there was an age before this, the Bronze age which was centered around the Aegean sea)used a series of charts bound in a book called “The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea"(there were other books showing sailing routes but this was the most common book found)
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    The romans made many great inventions but the main two I am focusing on are roads and aqueducts.The roads that romans used a thousand years ago were pretty advanced for their time with the slightly higher than the sides allowing water to run off. They were also wide enough for two chariots.They also invented the aqueduct which was a series of pipes and canals that supplied most of Rome with fresh clean water.
    They also made many othe
    r inventions that are still
    in use today.
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    he Elizabethans are the pioneers of exploration because of the innovation of their ships in the navy with lower and full rigged ships which made the ship faster and more agile than their spanish counterparts, making them a strong force to be dealt with. Travelling to the “NEW WORLD” modern day America and the won war of the SPANISH ARMADA in 1588, the elizabethans made the best navy in europe. The Elizabethans they helped find and colonise AMERICA!They used many devices, here are a few:
  • Victorians

    The Victorians under the rules of Queen Victoria made many achievements including building modern Steam and Streamships including the ill-fated Titanic. The ships were commonly powered by paddles which rotated in a clockwise direction and helped the boat chug along the river Thames and helped move crowds to America and Australia as well as New Zealand in later years. The Victorians were innovators as well as revolutionaries. In the modes of transport for long distance travel..They also inve
  • World War 1

    This was the start of the plane age.There were lots of deaths in world war one the overall death toll was Eight million soldiers, including more than 50,000 Americans died. An estimated 12 million civilians died. German's losses 1,700,000 killed and over 4,200,000 wounded. France had 1,300,000 deaths and over 4,200,000 wounded.
  • World war 2

    World war II was a time where navigation, like radar became immensely advanced for their time. The military on both sides of the war used aeroplanes, fighter jets, bombers and submarines. At first they didn’t use aeroplanes, but after they saw the effectiveness of the aeroplane, they used it a lot. Another important machine was the tank, they used and modified the tank to make it go faster, be stronger and hit harder. World war II ended on the 8th of May 1945.

    n the last fifty years humans have made lots of new things in navigation like the jet airliner which is a commercial jet and can hold up to 181 people. Also things like the communication satellite, MP3 players, 3D TVS and even cell phones. The GPS and google maps are a huge improvement for our everyday lives if someone hadn't created them we would be lost most of the time.