Infinitus Timeline

  • Girl (Daisy) recieves pocket watch from her recently past away grandmother

  • Daisy opens the pocket watch and goes to a parallell universe.

    Much the same as that in our influecne films Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland
  • At first daisy enjoys visting this land, makes lots of freinds.

  • She continues travleing to and from this magic land, named 'Numerotopia'.

  • However Daisy now discovers that it is not all that it seems. There is a theme throughout of numbers and everybody in this mystical world has their own number- the lower you are the higher in society ranking you are

  • She tries to get home however she can not get home, she discovers that the leader of Nuerotopia is evil- number zero.

  • Daisy feels as though she wants to stand up to this evil person however she does not know how. She thenmeets her grandma and gets told that she left her the pocket watch because the land was once theirs and the evil Zero has taken over- she needs to rule

  • Daisy fights the bad person and goes home. Everything is retunred to normal and happy in Numerotopia and she is able to visit all the time. Giving her the chance to visiti her grandmother- the new leader.