Industries of Colorado

By kmassie
  • Agricaulture

    Agriculture is a service to produce a good like beef and dairy. The impact is that it is a easier way to get food and the reason people came to colorado was that to get food. Resources are animals mostly cows,people to buy the food,plants herbs.
  • Live stock

    Live stock
    The live stock was raised in a agricultural setting to produce commodities such as food, fiber and labor. The impact was that cattle were going extinct so there were less cattle because people were killing to many. The raeson more people came to colorado was because they liked the meat from the cows. The main resource is a slaughterhouse and a butcher to sell the cow meat.
  • Beer Co.

    Beer Co.
    The beer itself would be a good but the beer co. would be a service. The impact was that people loved beer because it calmed the nerves and it relaxed you and they thpught it tasted good. The reason more poeple would come to colorado was because they had beer so people would live in colorado to be close to the beer. The resoures that were needed were the beer people to serve the beer and machinery to make the beer, advirtisments to show people that thir beer was good, and of course the bottles.
  • Manufacturing

    Manufacturing is a service. The goods are HPand IBM. The impact was that they wanted to produce goods for use or sell. The reason fo coming to colorado was to sell things that helps them. The resources were machinery, tools and a computer.
  • Federal Agency

    Federal Agency
    The fedural agency is like NORAD,air force academy. THe impact is that help,learn and serve. Also the reson for coming to colorado was that they wanted to help our enviroment. Resorces needed are people.
  • Mining

    Mining is a service, the reason for the population in colorado is that back then many people wanted gold and gold led to money and the pay back then was like 99 cents. Most of the places the people would look was in the mountains in the streams or rivers. The goods you could find were of course gold,silver and molybdemun also oil and if you got alot of gold you could build a town.
  • Rockies baseball team

    Rockies baseball team
    The Rockies baseball team was a service to entertain people. The impact was that there were more fans to watch the games so the baseball team made more money. The reason the people came to colorado was to watch the rockies baseball team because they were fans. The resources that were needed were a field,players,fans, and of course a mitt a ball and a bat.
  • Childrens Hospital

    Childrens Hospital
    The chilrens hospital is a service to save childrens lifes. The impact was that if there was a child who was sick then the child would go to the hospital and the hospital would help the child to get better. The resources are a doctor, nurse, and medicine.
  • Jewish Hospital

    Jewish Hospital
    The Jewish Hospital is a service. The impact was that They had good cures and they were smart and kind. The reason more people came was that the air there was clean and the people who worked there used sunshine to cure the patients. the resources are doctor,nurse, and the medicine.
  • Tourism

    Tourism is a service. The services provided were skiing, entertainment, hiking and fishing etc. The impact was more people wanted that job. The reason for coming was that there was beauutiful mountains, there was snow to go ski or snowboard. The resources needed were gas, people,lodges and of course the food.
  • Otter box co.

    Otter box co.
    Oterbox is a copany which is a service. They make boxes that are waterproof. They have entertainment/sports. THe impact was that to make fun things exciting and the reson for coming to colorado was that of course to make money. The resources needed was a tree to produce the product and custormers,workers, and the factory.
  • Force

    The force is a soccer program. The impact was more soccer fans would come to watch the game and there would be more players because more people wanted to play soccer. The main resources needed were a soccerball, field,players and of course the reff.