Indigenous Queensland Timeline- 1904 to 1976

  • The Queenslannd Government establishes Cherbourg

    An aboriginal town
  • Period: to

    Indigenous Queensland Timeline

  • Maternity allowance is introduced, but does not include aboriginal people

  • The Queensland Government establishes an Aboriginal station

    Palm Island- in the Plam Isles
  • Aboriginal population in Queensland rises to 20, 595.

    It is Widely believed to be a 'dying race'
  • Queensland Protector of Aboriginals recommends to the Federal Government that Aboriginal people be assimilated

    Where they are in contact with European society and that inviolable reserves be established for tribal people.
  • Queensland passes legislation allowing Aboriginal people to receive workers' compensation

    As a result of the 1937 conference.
    Also as a result of this conference a Native Branch is set up in the Northern Territory.
  • Aboriginal children need a medical certificate to attend a public school

  • Aboriginal people in Queensland are given to the right to vote in federal electrons

    Aboriginal people are not made to register but once they have voting is compulsory
  • Police evict residents at Mapoon, Queensland

    The people are taken to other reserves and their settlement is burned down, to allow mining by Comalco.
  • Charles Perkins and Margaret Valerian are the first Aboriginal University graduates

  • All states except Queensland, abandon laws and policies that discriminate against Aboriginal people