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    The Smiths

    The Smiths were formed early in the year 1982 in Manchester by Steven Patrick Morrissey.
    The Group consisted of Morrissey on Vocals, Marr on Guitar, Rourke on Drums and Joyce on Bass Guitar.
  • Performed on Top Of The Pops

    Performed on Top Of The Pops
    They performed This Charming Man on The Top Of The Pops in 1983 and they were surprised to learn 2 things on th day of their performance.
    1. The rest of the acts were in costumes and asked The Smiths what they were going to wear on stage, The answer being just their ordinary clothes.
    2. They werent acutally singing or playing.
    When Morrissey learnt that he wouldnt be actually singing he decided that instead of a microphone he would use flowers to sing into.
  • The Smiths Broke Up

    The Smiths Broke Up
    After many disputes between Morrissey and Marr in 1987.
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    Blur were formed in London in 1988.
    The group consisted of Damon Albarn on Vocals and Keyboard, Graham Coxon on Guitar and Vocals, Alex James o Bass Guitar and Dave Rowntree on Drums
  • Royalties Dispute

    Royalties Dispute
    WIth Morrissey and Marr takig 40% each of the Royalties from The Smiths songs. Apparenty Joyce and Rourke ha no idea that they were only recived 10% each of the bands Royalties. After taking Morrissey and Marr court Rourke recieved £83,000 and 10% Royalties. Whereas Joyce was found in favour of recieving around £1 million and 25% Royalties.
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    Oasis was formed in1991 by Liam Gallagher on Vocals, Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs o Guitar, Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan on Bass Guitar, Tony McCarroll on Drums. They were later joined b Liam's older brother, Noel Gallagher who was on Lead Guitar and Vocals.
    The Group evetually split in 2009.
  • Oasis Performed At Knebworth

    Oasis Performed At Knebworth