India Timeline

  • Amritsar Massacre

    10,000 Indians gathered to protest against Britain. Britain opened fire and killed 379 people and wounded 1,100 others. It's significance is that Britain showed that they were not going to let India get what they want.
  • Prince Of Wales 7 King Edward VIII Arrival

    Their arrival causes agitation all over India, many people riot. this shows that the Indian people resent him for controlling their country.
  • Salt March

    Ghandi led thousands in a March to the salt beaches. This non-violent protest led to people openly making their own salt. It also showed that non-violent protests work, and that there is no need for distruction.
  • Ghandi's Death

    Ghandi was assassinated on this day by an extremist. This shows that even though he had helped lead an anti violence protest that many people were still not liking his views.
  • Election Commission Established

    The election commission was established and the following year Jawaharlal Nehru becomes elected. It is significant because it is showing how India is becoming more and more independant
  • Nehru's Daughter Becomes Prime Minister

    She became prime minister after her fathers death in 1964
  • Third Indo-Pakistani War Begins

    The third was was over Bangladesh which was formerly East Pakistan. It shows that the countries still had a lot of problems with one another.
  • Gas Leak Kills Many

    A gas leak in a pesticide plant kills thousands very quickly and left many disabled. This shows that India is becoming more developed but still has to develop their safety regulations.
  • Hindus Demolish Muslim Mosque

    After this incident Hindu- Muslim violence was kickstarted again, Even though many were supportive of Ghandi, his message wasn't strong enough to stop everyone from destructive acts of violence.
  • Pratibha Patil Elected President

    She was the first female president of India. This event shows that the indian people are not discrimitating towards women like surrounding countries are.