• 200

    320 - 200 BC: Maurya empire encompasses 80 percent of the subcontinent.

    By now the empire has spread acros the hole of modern say india
  • Period: 200 to

    India BC.

  • Period: 300 to


  • 500

    circa 500 BC: oral poems and hymns committed to writing

    People start to read and write normally and great poems and plays are written
  • Jan 1, 1100

    1100 BC events that inflouense the course of the history

    circa 1100 BC: Rig Veda epic hymn composed. Indian society becoming Aryanized: (1) Sanskit writing, (2) deference to a priesthood (Brahmins), and (3) hierarchical social structure (caste system)
  • Jan 1, 1192

    1192: Muhammad of Ghor defeats combined rajput forces at Tarain, the most decisive battle in the history of India

  • 1905: Japan's victory over Russia in Russo-Japanese War convinces Indians that defeating a big European power is possible

  • April 6, 1930: Gandhi begins civil disobedience movement against the salt tax, which had been in place since Mughal times

    the begining of a revolotion
  • 1998: India tests nuclear bomb and missile delivery system

  • 1639-48: Shah Jahan builds new city at Delhi, including the Red Fort

    Today its old Delhi
  • Indus Valley culture. 3000-1700 BC

    3000 - 1700 BC: Harappan civilization in the Indus valley (part of modern Pakistan) with brick-built cities laid out in precisely aligned north-south, east-west grids. Brick and street sizes are standardized throughout the region.