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  • incan pilitical,economic and culturalsocial

    incan pilitical,economic and culturalsocial
    political- they were extraordidaries organizers and administrators they diveded their terretories and their people , they impose a single language "QUECHUA"
    econimic- they controled most of the economics activities they allowed little privite commerceor trade . the land ownership was divided nto 3ways+ state lands religious ans community.
    cultural,social- the religion was a important thing the women had to do the sun-worship services (ehrn they are yough) they yough man have to do those things2
  • aztec politicaleconomc and culturalsocial

    aztec  politicaleconomc and culturalsocial
    -They Joined two cities state" TEXACOCO" and the COPAN to form a triple aliance this aliance took control inthose cities and the neighbors ones. they took control of the empire called MESOAMERICAN.
    economic- the economic heart of the city was the marketof tenochitlan this was the larger than the market that was in spain.
    cultural and social- the imageneries builded a lot of thins in that city some of the things that they did was the three roads called "CAUSEWAYS" it was over the water and mars
  • maya pilitical economic culturasocial

    maya pilitical economic culturasocial
    political- their area was from the north starting in "TULA" and in the ending of north GUATEMALA they builded a lot of thins i thatregionlike cities andallt hose things.
    cultural- they were independent of each other, they were linked through alliances and trade. cities exchanged the product of their locals enviorements such as salt flint feathers and others also trade were craft goods like cotton andothers.
    cultural and social- they believed in many gods, the accumulation and wealth was imprtn