In the time of the butterflies

In The Time Of Butterfly

By Zongyi
  • Minerva

    in 1938, Minerva was12 years old and
    she was goes off to school at Inmaculada
    Concepcion. that's means she will be leaveing her family.
  • Dad wants grils stay

    Dad wants grils stay
    Dad didn't wants grils leave him, and Minerva
    is his favorite. But the grils want to go to school, so Mom talk to Dad to let them go to school.
  • Secret

    Minerva met Sinita, a student who is kind to her. and she found out Sinita's secret, that Trujillo killed all the men in her family. she didnt know who is Trujillo, and didnt know anything about him.
  • Lina Lovaton

    Lina Lovaton
    in 1941, Minerva was 15 years old and she met Lina Lovaton, but she relaized taht Trujillo was courted Lina and she got pregnant. but he didn't married her.
  • Flashback to 1943

    Flashback to 1943
    When Dede telling the story to the interviewer, the time is flashback to the time that all of her sister are alive, and her parents.
  • Shoot

    in 1944, Minerva was 18 years old. she and her friends performed on Independence Day in front of Trujillo. then Sinita tried to shoot Trujillo with a bow and arrow. but his son stopped her.
  • Maria Theresa

    Maria Theresa
    in 1945, Maria Theresa is 10 years old and she got a diary from
    Minerva. she started writing and drawing on the diary and she put everything that she thoughts on it.
  • Holiday

    Maria Theresa came back home in the holiday and she spend a good time with her family, and she left, returned to the school that she didn't even like the school.
  • Patria

    In 1946, Patria is 22 years old, and when she was younger, she put her head in the clouds and gave things away for her God, she is as same as her Mom, very spiritual and religious.
  • Losing faith

    Losing faith
    she started to losing her faith in God when she
    losed her body, she trird to act like a perfect mom and no thing happened to her, but she was still very sad.
  • Lio

    in 1948, Dede was 23 years old, and she was attracted to Lio, a teacher of medicine at the university, but Lio and Minerva was shut her down. By they become together.
  • Doesn't like men

    Doesn't like men
    in 1949, Minerva was 23 years old, she didn't have amy boyfriends, because she doesn't like men, so Dad won't let Minerva leave for
    university. she was study at home for threee years.
  • Trujillo's party

    Trujillo's party
    she and her family went to Trujillo's party, and when she was dancing with Trujillo, she told him that she wants to be a lawyer. she also told him about Lio that they were know each other.
  • Invitation

    Minerva found Lio's letters hidded in her father's coat pocket. and there's also an invitation that goes to Trujillo's party requesting her especially. her dad didnt give this invitation to her, and the letter is goes to Trujillo.
  • slaps

    Minerva was dance with Trujillo and told him what she wanted to be, but Trujillo was sexually aggressive her after their dances, so Minerva was mad and she slaped him.
  • Anger

    Minerva and her family left the party without permission. After that Trujillo was so angry about it, he is the presidant, and the guests left with out telling him anything? Minerva was feelng bad becasue she forgets her purse with Lio's letters.
  • Private

    Minerva questioned and admited that she knew who is Lio. and Trujillo told her he can let the father go, and he'll forget everything they done badly, but she needs have a "private" with him. which is sex.
  • A tie

    A tie
    Trujillo and Minerva both got won, she won, because she can study laws, and her dad was came out freed. he won, because he got her. everthing are tied togather.
  • Father dead

    Father dead
    in 1953, Mate was 18 years old, and Dad was dead in that year, her and her mom are found his second family at his funeral, two boys likes her in the same time. the dead was sad for everyone, but her sister are already went out for college, she feeled it was shameful.
  • Raul kissed Mate

    Raul kissed Mate
    in 1954, Mate was 19 years old, Raul, one of her two brothers, the two who likes her, kissed her. The other one, Berto was so angry about it. Mate met and cooked for Manolo, her sister's new boyfriend.
    Minerva's new boyfriend
  • Marriage

    in 1959, Patria was 35 years old and she already married for 18 years. she and her hasband tried to build the marriage on the rock, but there's some problem ahead of them.
  • Liberators

    Trujillo's Guardia and local farmers hunt down and kill all the liberators from Cuba. Patria got back to the home and led the rest of the liberators moved their meetings from outside into her
    house. and she also joined them. her husband was angry at first but later he also joined in.
  • other honeymoon

    other honeymoon
    so Jaimito, Dede's husband was about to take sons to his mother's house, Minerva and Manolo taken Dede to met her sons, and Manolo suggests to make another honeymoon for Dede and
    Jaimito so that can helps them to reconcile. and it worked.
  • church desecrated

    church desecrated
    Patria, the one with all faith in God, praed and honors Trujillo in hoped that he will acts better ways, there's once at church, Patria heard priest speaked that is against human rights, then the churches descrated by Patria, mom, Dede and Noris.
  • Dede left

    Dede left
    the liberators also asked Dede if she wants to join them. but Dede was planed to leave Jaimito. she istened to Lio on underground radio. and she realized he was part of the resistance, so she ran away from them.
  • Nelson released

    Nelson released
    Patria was beged to Pena to help get Nelson released, after that, she keeped Noris close, then Nelson released, Patria was drops on knees in thanks to God for it.
  • Freedom

    Mate was got diary in prison and recorded everything that about her fear was keeps growing there. By the woman offer give Mate theri time at the window, she realized that man and woman are equality. After she found out everything, she sale in prison but freedom. and a shopping list.
  • Mockery

    After Mate realized she was pregnant, so she planed to
    abort it that SIM won't be about to take it. So she lost the baby when the SIM going to do something to her again. beucase that, she had a mockery for 5 years.
  • Pena's car

    Pena's car
    Mate, Minerva, and Patria wanted to see the soilders on the road, and when they drive by Trujillo's house, they saw Pena's car parked there. they just left away.
  • visit letter

    visit letter
    Pena tells the business people to write a letter to Trujillo, the president, to requesting a visit. so that she can be closer to the president.
  • First American orbit earth

    First American orbit earth
    Lt. Col. John H. Glenn, Jr is the first American to orbit Earth, he was in the space three times in 4 hr 55 min.
  • second vatican council

    second vatican council
    Pope John XXIII opens Second Vatican Council in 1962, october 11st. it relate the Roman Catholic Church and the modern world.
  • I have a dream

    I have a dream
    Civil rights rally held by 200,000 blacks and whites in Washington, D.C, Martin Luther King delivers “I have a dream” speech
  • Kennedy's death

    Kennedy's death
    Lee Harvey Oswald, accused assassin of President Kennedy, is shot and killed by Jack Ruby, Dallas nightclub owner. it was sad to the whold american, he was such a good president.
  • Nelson Mandela

    Nelson Mandela
    Twenty-one arrests result in trial and conviction of seven by federal jury. Nelson Mandela sentenced to life imprisonment. The first black became the important for the american.
  • Back to Dede

    Back to Dede
    in 1994, Dede was 69 years old and taking to the people about her family and what was happened to them. They show to the people through the house and museum.
  • The interviewer

    The interviewer
    This is the begining of the story, Dede met the interviewer and told her where's the house at, and Dede waiting for interviewer in the house, which became the museum.