Important Events of Ancient Mesopotamia Civilzation

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  • 3500

    Mesopotamia is one of the cradles of human civilization. Here, the earliest cities in world history appeared, about 3500 BC. Photo credit :
  • 5000-3500

    During this period, Mesopotamia began to develop and had its first city established. Phot Credit :
  • 3600 BC

    3600 BC
    Writing is invented in Uruk and Sumer which was pictograms based. Research shows that after this development, it took approximately one thousand years for it to be scripted cuneiform. Phot credit:
  • C. 2300

     C. 2300
    King Sargon of Akkad starts conquering the first empire in world history. The empire reaches its height in c. 2220. Photo credit:
  • c. 2100

    c. 2100
    The city of Ur becomes the centre of a powerful Mesopotamian state. It soon falls into decline. This marks the decline of the Sumerians as the Amorites, a nomadic people, start moving into Mesopotamia. Photo credit :
  • 2050 BC:

    2050 BC:
    The period was a notable one in Mesopotamia. At this period Ur Nammu code was written. It was a code of laws that were to govern Mesopotamia. Photo Credit:
  • 1792BC

    The major event in this period was the conquering of Mesopotomia by Babylonian King Hammurabi.
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  • 1530 BC

    1530 BC
    Conquering of Babylon by Kassites who administered their rule for over four hundred years. Phot credit
  • 1500 BC:

    1500 BC:
    Northern Mesopotamia and some region in Asia, Syria are conquered by the Mitanni who were Indo-European citizens. After, a period of approximately two hundred years, the Assyrians overthrown the Mitanni from the regions. Photo Credit
  • 2500BC:

    The first empire, known as Lagash Dynasty under the leadership of King Ennutum was established. PhotoCredit:
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    Important events of Ancient Mesopotamia Civilization

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    Imporatnt Events of Mesopotamia Civilization