important events durring ww2

  • 1921

    adolf hitler becomes leader of the nazi party
  • prime minester

    1922 Benito Mussolini appointed Prime Minister of Italy
  • josef stalin

    1929 Josef Stalin sole dictator of the Soviet Union (USSR)
  • japans army

    1931 Japan’s Army seizes Manchuria, China
  • hitler is named

    1933 Hitler is named Chancellor of Germany
  • nuetrality act

    1935 Neutrality Act passed by US Congress
  • italian army

    1935 Italian Army invades Ethiopia in Africa
  • militarist taje cintrol

    1936 Militarist take control of Japanese Government
  • hitler sends troops

    1936 Hitler sends troops into Rhineland of Germany in violation of the Versailles Treaty
  • japans army

    1937 Japan’s army pillages Nanjing, China; massacre a quarter of a million people.
  • munich pact signed

    1938 Munich Pact signed giving the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia to Germany
  • nazis begin

    1938 Nazis begin rounding up Jews for labor camps
  • nazis invade

    1939 Sept 1st - Nazis invade Poland; Britain and France declare war on Germany
  • nazi-soviet

    1939 Nazi-Soviet Pact signed by Hitler and Stalin
  • nazis invade denmark

    1940 Nazis invade Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium – take control
  • germony invades france

    1940 Germany invades France and forces it to surrender
  • battle of britain

    1940 Battle of Britain – Royal Air Force defeats German Air Force to prevent invasion of their island
  • first time peace ime draft

    1940 First time Peacetime Draft in US
  • hitler breaks....

    1941 Hitler breaks Pact with Stalin’s Russia and invades -USSR now joins England in fighting the Germans
  • churchill

    1941 Churchill and FDR issue the Atlantic Charter
  • japanese invade french

    1941 Japanese invade French Indochina (Viet. Laos, Cambodia)
  • pearl harbor

    1941 Pearl Harbor in Hawaii attacked by Japanese Naval and Air forces, US declares war on Japan, Germany and Italy declare war on the US
  • philippines fall to japanese

    1942 Philippines fall to Japanese – Bataan Death March
  • japanese americnans interned in isolated camps

    1942 Japanese Americans interned in isolated camps
  • battle of midway

    1942 Battle of Midway, turning point of war in the Pacific
  • russians stop nazis

    1942 Russians stop Nazi advance at Stalingrad save Moscow
  • british and US forces

    1943 British and US forces defeat German and Italian armies in North Africa
  • zoot suit

    1943 Zoot Suit Riots – Los Angeles, CA
  • italy surrenders

    1943 July - Italy surrenders, Mussolini dismissed as Prime Min.
  • D-Day invasion

    1944 June - D-Day invasion of France at Normandy by Allies
  • paris retaken

    1944 Aug. - Paris retaken by Allies Forces
  • battle of the bulge

    1944 Dec. Battle of the Bulge – last offensive of German Forces
  • US forces retrurn

    1945 Jan. – US forces return to recapture the Philippines

    1945 April 16th - FDR dies, Harry S. Truman becomes President
  • war ends in europe

    1945 May 8th - V-E Day, war ends in Europe
  • first atomic bombs dropped

    1945 Aug. - First Atomic Bombs dropped
  • japan surrenders

    1945 Aug. 14th – V-J Day, Japan surrenders to Allied Forces
  • war crimes

    1946 War Crimes Trials held in Nuremburg Germany; Manila, Philippines and Tokyo, Japan.