• Purchase of Alaska

    Bought Alaska from Russia. Willim Seward. At first we didnt like it and people thought it was bad idea so they called its sewards icebox/Sewards folly.
  • Period: to

    Imperialism in America

  • Annexation of Hawaii

    McKinley Favored annexation, and congress narrowly voted its approval in 1898. Hawaii became american territory.
  • De Lome Letter

    ridiculed mckimley for being "weak and catering to the rabble" American were outraged at the remarks. Thye journal called it "the worst insult to the U.S in its history.
  • Foraker Act

    established that the United States would appoint the upper house of Puerto Rico's legislature, as well as its governor
  • Building of Panama Canal

    Workers experiencd many hardships such as-
    Yellow fever and malaria
    Lost equipment

    Extreme heat
    Estimated death toll of more than 30,000 workers