Imogen van den Berg

By Grade5P
  • Gold found in Warrandayte

  • Licenses

    If a digger was found near a mine without his or her liscence they would go to jail.
  • Women make Southern cross flag

    This year agroup of women sewed the Flag to repesent the diggers
  • James Scoty Scobies Death

    This is the night that James Bently is belived that he was the muderer of James Scobie by hitting him with a shovel outside the Eureka Hotel. James Scobie was drunk from a renunion with one of his mates from the ship over to Australia.
  • Eureka Hotel Burnt Down

    Eureka Hotel Burnt Down
    On this day angry diggers burnt down the Eureka hotel because James Bently was claimed inocent from the death of Scottie Scoobie at court. The diggers felt like there was no justice and didn`t like that they had no say about this. 13 diggers(that have been thought to be some of the main people from the burnning) went to a melbourne court for a trial about the burning of the hotel, they were all claimed inocent.
  • Monster Meeting

    Monster Meeting
    At this meeting Peeter Laylor Stood undeneath the Southern Coss and said we shal mak an oath o the southen cross if you don`t want to make the oath leave now. Lot`s of people left, The oath was.Wwe sware by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and defend our rights and librities. That night diggers burnt their license`s.
  • Eureka Stokeade

    Eureka Stokeade
    This battle was started by the red coats on a Sunday morning because Sunday was the day all the diggers went off to chuch and spent time with their family therefore they wouldn`t be prepared. They also did it on a Sunday because not as many diggers would be at the mins and they didn`t won`t to kill anyone the red coats just had to go by the Goverment.
  • The Welcome nugget was found

    The Welcome nugget was found
    The `Welcome Nugget` started the biggest gold rush in history shared with the Californian gold rush