illistrated timeline of early humans

  • australapithocus afarensis

    australapithocus afarensis
    thye are not good walkers and runners; about 3 feet tall; they did not use or make tools and they did not stand up straight and were very hairy.
  • Period: to

    early humans

  • homo habilis

    homo habilis
    they were the first hominids to make tools; they were about 4 feet tall; they did not stand up straight and they lived in africa same as the authropithecus aferensis
  • homo erectus

    homo erectus
    they were the first to leave africa and same tools as homo habilis had made and they were about 4 and a half feet tall
  • homo sapien neanderthalesis

     homo sapien neanderthalesis
    they had made the same tools as the homo habilis and homo erectus and were found all over the world. they were about 5 feet tall.
  • homo sapien sapiens

    homo sapien sapiens
    they were the latest kinds of sapiens and had perfect body structure, and running an walking was turrific and they were about 5 and a half feet tall.