ilistated timeline of early humans

  • austrolopithacis afoenses (southern ape)

    austrolopithacis afoenses (southern ape)
    lucy lived 3-4 milion years ago she was found in africa. she was 3 feet tall she was a mix of human and ape they have found no tools from her spicies. her draw putruded.they carried idems in hands wile walking on two feet. they also had hands for fighting.
  • Period: to


  • homo hablious (handy man)

    homo hablious (handy man)
    1.5-2 million years is when they were alive. they lived in africa. they had 2 times the size brain of lucy thy were taller then her but they were still a mix of ape and human.they used rocks for choping tools and bones for diging sticks.they were the first to make tools.they lived in groups and they had longer lives then lucy
  • homo erectis (upright man)

    homo erectis  (upright man)
    18-220,00 million years ago they are expected to have been the first to traval to javataller and thinner then the others they had a round and smooth head they use fire stone and axes they were good walkers and runners
  • homo sapian neanderthals (wise man)

    homo sapian neanderthals (wise man)
    280,000 to 30,000years ago neander vally is were they discovered them they had a rige above the eyes they were shorter but stronger then modern human rounded skulls large brains and small teath their were more then 60 types of tools they had knives they were the first to bury their dead
  • homo sapian sapian (dubly wise man)

    homo sapian sapian (dubly wise man)
    35000 to 12000 bcafrica migrated across the globe. they had large rounded skulls thay had large brains and small teeththey attached blades to their tools that were created out of stone