Ilan ramon

Ilan Ramon

  • Date of birth

    Ilan ramon was born in june 20 1954 in Ramat Gan to Tonia and Eliezer Wallferman.
  • Army service

    Army service
    Inducted to air force as Pilot, served in Commanding positions and participate in wars.
  • Bachelor's degree

    Receive bachelor's degree in electronics engineering in Tel Aviv university
  • Period: to

    Returned to army service

    Served as Deputy Squadron Commander A, 119 Squadron, flying the F-4 Phantom (1988–90)
  • Period: to


    Ramon was selected as a Payload Specialist and mooved with his family (his wife Rona and their 4th children) to Training facility to astronauts in USA.
  • The launching

    The launching
    The space shuttle STS-107 Columbia launched to space
  • Date of death

    Date of death
    The STS-107 mission ended abruptly when Space Shuttle Columbia was destroyed and its crew perished during re-entry, 16 minutes before scheduled landing.