Angela's Timeline

By akm1994
  • Early Childhood

    Angela (10) is growing up without a father in the home and a single mother who is working all of the time. The mom comes home exhausted with very little patience which leaves no room for Angela or her siblings to make mistakes. In Erikson's third stage, initiative versus guilt, she is battling between what she wants to do and what will appease her tired and grumpy mom. This will translate later in life when she always doubts herself and never believes her own ideas are of good use.
  • High school

    Angela (age 16) is confused in where she fits in as a Sophomore in high school. She wants to get good grades and make her family proud but she also wants to be friends with the popular group and be invited to parties. In Erikson's 5th stage of identity versus identity confusion, the crisis is not knowing where one belongs leading to identity confusion.
  • Marriage

    Angela (19) gets married to James and start their new life together as husband and wife in James' hometown.
    In Erikson's sixth stage, intimacy versus isolation, the crisis is that her newly formed identity has not fully emerged and healed yet from childhood trauma, which brings conflict in their marriage.