Hunger Games Suzanne Collins, Coyle 454

  • Hunger Games 1-5

    KAtniss Goes hunting
  • pg. 5-36

    Katniss goes hunting and meets Gale in the forest until it is time for the reaping. At the reaping Prim (Katniss' sister) gets picked to go to the hunger games and Katniss volunteers to take her place.
  • pg 36-58

    Peeta's name is called to go to the hunger games and Katniss reflects on how she knows Peeta and how he saved her life. They go to the train staition and take a train to the capitol.
  • 86-105

    All the tributes are welcomed by the president of the capitol. The tributes all meet in the training center and learn new skills and prepare for their time in the arena.
  • 56-86

    Katmiss and Peeta meet there stylists fo rthe games and get dressed up for their debut, Their costumes are on fire and the audience loves them and they make a big entrance and get a lot of attention from potential sponsers.
  • 105-118

    Katniss and Peeta stick together in the training center and work on skills that they need to learn and avoid their best skills so that the other tributes do not realize their strengths.
  • 194-202

    The Tributes are taken to the arena and teh games begin where 12 are killed in the first hour. The career tributes form an alliance and hunt down all of the weaker tributes, Katniss hides in a tree and sleeps there for the night and another tribute is killed.
  • 118-149

    More training for the games and then Katniss and Peeta both prepare for interviews with Ceasar Flickerman. Cinna gets Katniss her dress and Peeta asked to be trained seperately from Katniss.
  • 149-194

    The tributes finally have their interveiws with Ceasar Flickerman. Peeta annouces to the capitol and the world that he likes Katniss and when Katniss gets mad all of her prep team convince her that he did her a favor and made her look desireable and most likely got her sponsers.
  • 202-224

    Katniss suffers from dehydration and travels too far from the other tributes that the gamemakers set the forest on fire and burn her leg. She escapes the fire and is seen by the careers and is chased into a tree where they fail to kill her because of their lake of skills with climing and archery.
  • 224-261

    Katniss gets an ointment to put on her burns. She cuts down a tracker jacker nest onto the tributes which drives them away from the tree and kills Glimmer. She steals the bow and arrows that Glimmer was carrying and starts hallucinating. Peeta comes out from the bushes and tells her to run because the careers are coming back. She runs away and passes out. She wakes up and finds the Rue helped he and so they form an alliance and formulate a plan to destroy the careers' supplies.
  • 261-294

    Rue and Katniss plan a way to take out the careers' supplies and put it into action. Rue lights the fires and distracts the careers away while Katniss sends arrows into the supplies and sets off the mines. She blows up the stuff and cant hear in one of her ears.
  • 294-353

    Rue dies and Katniss covers her body in flowers and sings to her until she dies. The gamemakers change the rules and allow 2 winners if they are from the same district. Katniss realizes that her and Peeta can both live so she tries to find him.
  • 353-386

    Katniss finds Peeta who is hiding by the stream in a camoflaged facepaint. He is wounded badly and has an infected leg that has been cut by Cato. Katniss cleans Peeta up and tries to help as best she can but he is too sick to do much. They find a cave and sleep there while Katniss tries to nurse Peeta back to health.
  • 386-410

    Katniss and Peeta stay in their cave for a while and Katniss goes to the feast offered by the gamemakers where Clove tries to kill her but Thresh kills clove because the careers killed Rue. He lets Katniss go and Katniss gives Peeta the medicine to survive the blood poisoning. they leave the cave and try to find food and foxface dies.
  • 410-445

    The mutations chase Katniss and Peeta onto the cornicopia along with Cato where they all fight and then Cato gets knocked off the top and gets attacked by the Mutations for a long time until Katniss mercy kills him.
  • 445-454

    The gamemakers change the rules back to only one winner and Katniss decides that her and Peeta should both die rather than one of them win. The game makers stop them and they return home as winners of the Hunger Games.