Human Ancestors in Africa and Beyond

  • Austalopithecines

    They never left Africa. Their brain capacity was between 375-500 cc. Compared to today 1220-1600 cc. The teeth show that they ate fruit. Also some fibrous vegetables, and nuts. They could walk upright, but could also climb trees. They are not found near any tools.
  • Homo Habilis

    Some had more chimp-like skulls, and some had more human-like skulls. They may or may not have been able to speak, brain suggest yes, other physical features suggest no. Also ate fruit, but may have scavenged meat from kills left from other animals. They show some signs of maybe using tools. Brain 510-750 cc.
  • Homo Erectus

    First to live in varying conditions. Brain capacity 850-1200 cc. More complex thinking and first brain that is close to a modern humans. Once again, physical features show it would be hard for speech. Hips and legs suggest they were not expert tree climbers and spent most time on the ground. Ate meat and fruit. Used tools, such as a primitave ax to cut meat. Thought to be very important part of their life. Died out.
  • Neanderthals

    Wore animals skins for warmth due to cold. Used tools fire, and built shelters. They took care of their dead, evidence of pollen and offerings at burial sights. Suffered many injuries like bull riders today. Probably ate plants and meat. Disapperared mysteriously.
  • Cro-Magnon

    Organizing big game hunts. Meat was probably big part of their diet. They are similar to modren humans. They also had an advanced language. They were around the same time as the homo erectus and the neanderthals, but they were the only ones who survived.