Hubble Telescope Timeline

  • It begins

    American congress aproves the idea and funding. this will be one of the biggest telescopes ever created.
  • Preperations

    Scientists start training for space missions. and the 2.4 meter mirror is beginning to be made.
  • The name

    The telescope is renamed after Edwin P. Hubble. named after him because he proved there were other galaxys, and also that space is expanding.
  • Completion

    Building is completed. Challanger incident puts all shuttle flights on hold.
  • launch

    the shuttle is launched into space.
  • first mission

    the first servicing mission is allowed to go to work on the hubbles primary mirror.
  • jupiter

    Hubble takes pictures of comet Shoemaker Levy 9 as it hits Jupiter
  • pillars of creation

    Hubble takes the famous “pillars of creation” photo of the Eagle Nebula.
  • galxy discoveries

    The first Hubble Deep Field is released, showing the almost infinate number of galaxies in the Universe.
  • HST

    HST Orbital Systems Test
  • gyro scopes

    a mission was sent to the telescope to change out the gyro scopes
  • pluto moons

    hubble discovers that there are two more moons orbiting pluto
  • pluto is no longer a planet

    hubble discovers eris is bigger than pluto and it is a dwarf planet, making pluto a dwarf planet also
  • hubble orbits

    hubble makes its 100,000th orbit around earth.
  • red shift discoverys

    Hubble images show distant galaxies with likely redshifts greater than 8, showing the Universe as it was when it was less than a tenth of its current age.
  • hubbles millionth

    Hubble makes its millionth observation, a spectroscopic analysis of the exoplanet HAT-P-7b.
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