• Liquid Crystal Cholesterol

    Liquid Crystal Cholesterol
    Cholesterol extracted from carrots is found to be liquid crystalline in nature.
  • Cathode Ray Tube

    Cathode Ray Tube
    Ferdinand Braun invents the cathode ray tube (CRT). Source
  • First CRT Image

    First CRT Image
    Using a CRT Boris Rosing displays a simple geometric shape from a video signal. <a href=">Source</a>
  • 3D Movies

    3D Movies
    First 3D movie was played. <a href=">Source</a>
  • Fréedericksz Transition

    Fréedericksz Transition
    Vsevolod Frederiks invents the electrically switch light valve, naming it the Fréedericksz transition. Source
  • First 3D TV

    First 3D TV
    John Baird presented the first stereoscopic 3D TV. Source
  • Television

    The fist working television system was invented by Philo Farnsworth. Source
  • Color Television

    Color Television
    Peter Goldmark presents his color television to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Source
  • First Operationaly LCD

    First Operationaly LCD
    George Heilmeier creates the first liquid crystal display. Source
  • Plasma Screen

    Plasma Screen
    Donald Bitzer, H. Gene Slottow, and Robert Willson invent the fisrt (monochrome) plasma display. Sourece
  • The Sword of Damocles

    The Sword of Damocles
    Ivan Sutherland creates first head mounted display. Source
  • Videoplace

    Videoplace is created by Myron Krueger. Projects and cameras were used to interact with silhouettes and even people in other rooms. Source
  • Aspen Movie Map

    Aspen Movie Map
    Created by MIT, a collection of images were taken driving down the road. These images were compiled into a database so a user could virtual move down the street and look at four different views. Source
  • Casio TV-10

    Casio TV-10
    Casio releases the world's smallest television implementing an LCD screen. <a href=">Source</a>
  • Full Color Plasma

    Full Color Plasma
    Fujitsu unveils the first 21" color plasma display. Source
  • ARQuake

    An agumented reality game is created, modelled after the populat computer game Quake, by Wearable Computer Lab at the University of South Austrailia. Source
  • Wii

    The Wii is released bring motion control to video games creating a more interactive experience. <a href=">Source</a>
  • Omni-Direction Treadmill

    Omni-Direction Treadmill
    Treadmill is created that can move in any direction. This technology will allow a person to remain stationary but still walk around in a virtual environment. Source
  • 3D TV Returns

    3D TV Returns
    1920 by 1080 resolution 3d television goes on the market in Japan. Specialized glasses are required for the viewing. Source
  • Solid Ultrasound

    Solid Ultrasound
    Japanese researches have developed a way of using motion tracking an focused ultrasound to simulate solid objects. Source
  • 5 Senses VR

    5 Senses VR
    Scientists from the University of York and the University fo Warwick create virtual reality headset with all 5 senses. Source
  • Playstation Move

    Playstation Move
    Sony releases its Playstaion move controllers which add motion control to the Playstaion console. Source
  • Microsoft Kinect

    Microsoft Kinect
    Microsoft releases its Kinect system which allows the Xbox360 console to track multiple people and their movements. Source
  • Kinect Virtual Reality

    Kinect Virtual Reality
    Robert Kooima puts together a 3D television and a kinect system to create a interactive 3D environment. Source
  • Glasses Free 3D

    Glasses Free 3D
    Toshiba unveils a 3D television that does not require glasses. Source
  • Mimic Sold Objects

    Mimic Sold Objects
    An array of ultrasonic devices will be assemblyed to simulated touching of three dimensional objects.
  • Touching 3D

    Touching 3D
    3D television/projector will be used in conjuntion with ultrasound array to allow user to touch 3D objects.
  • Full Virtual Reality

    Full Virtual Reality
    Using a omni direction treadmill, head mounted display, and ultrasonic array a tangible virtual environment will be created.
  • Virtual World

    Virtual World
    At least 2 virtual interface machine will be connected allowing for multiple people to interact.