How Youth Experienced the Civil Rights Movement

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  • Emmett Till's Story

    Emmett Till's Story
    A young 14-year-old colored kid got dragged out of his own house and killed. The story started when he went to a local convenience store while attempting to ask this girl white girl Carolyn out on a date. Instead, it backfired and his friends ended up getting him out of the store to save him from any trouble. A couple of days later her father found out and marched into Till's own house while he was sleeping. They proceeded to drag him out and Till's family found his body days later.
  • The Montgomery Bus Boycott

    The Montgomery Bus Boycott
    Rosa Parks was a huge monumental part of history. After this, all African Americans started boycotting the busses. Martin Luther King Jr. had a big part in this as well. They never took the busses anymore and walked everywhere they went. During the time period of 1955-1956, the bus systems finally, "became desegregated".
  • Little Rock Nine

    Little Rock Nine
    A school administrator recruited 9 black students to their school because she knew they had the capability to be at the school. The following kid's names were, "Minnijean Brown, Elizabeth Eckford, Ernest Green, Thelma Mothershed, Melba Patillo, Gloria Ray, Terrence Roberts, Jefferson Thomas, and Carlotta Walls." They went to school, a mob of white adults and students spit on the kids and refused them to walk into the school. Days later the mob grew to be over 1,000 people in the mob
  • The Greensboro Four

    The Greensboro Four
    4 colored and intelligent students got denied access to getting food from the counter. They then bought clothes from the convenience store to show they just wanted food and no harmed but were denied food again, and again. At this point, they were told to get out, but the 4 kids refused. The police eventually showed and were unable to arrest any of the black kids, because they hadn't done or caused any crime. Later many-colored kids all went to that restaurant and it even showed in the newspaper.
  • Ruby Bridges

    Ruby Bridges
    A young black girl got enrolled in a school. She then got sent to the principal's office for not knowingly having someone's child pulled out of school because they didn't like a black girl in the same classroom. THey then separated the classes so it was only Ruby by herself and one other teacher. People threatened to poison her and hurt Ruby even though she was separated. As the years went by people were more comfortable and at the end of the year, she was able to have lessons with her class.
  • The Children’s Crusade of 1963

    The Children’s Crusade of 1963
    Many kids protested in one of the most racial part of the U.S. Birmingham Alabama. When they did so, they all got thrown into jail.
    The next day the march continued except with many more people protesting. Police were waiting with fire hoses and brutal guard dogs. They started clubbing children, then sent them all off to jail. "This marked a significant victory for civil rights in Birmingham, telling local officials they could no longer ignore the movement."
  • The 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing

    The 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing
    Birmingham had been a very segregated place in the '60s. Everyone was getting ready to go to church for the 11 o'clock service. People said they reportedly saw a white man place a box inside the church earlier that day. Then at exactly 10:22 a huge bomb went off in the church and killed 3 young innocent girls who were putting their choir robes on in the basement Later that day protests and riots broke out and over 500 people attended the funeral for the 3 girls.