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Evolution of Transportation

  • 8000 BCE

    The Boat

    The Boat
    The first boat was made from the dug out of a tree trunk in Holland. From then on, they continued to be built from wood, and in present day are made from plastics and steels.
  • 4000 BCE

    The First Way to Move

    The First Way to Move
    The first way people figured out to use for transportation was horses, and donkeys.
  • 3500 BCE

    The Wheel

    The Wheel
    This was the year life became a little easier. The first wheel was invented in Iraq and was built out of wood. The wheel was then used for horse and buggies.
  • First Self Propelled Vehicle

    First Self Propelled Vehicle
    Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot was the first person to accomplish making a self propelled vehicle. One source states that it seated four passengers and moved at a speed of 2.25 miles per hour (3.6 km/h).-According to Wikipedia
  • Hot Air Balloon

    Hot Air Balloon
    The Montgolfier Brothers invented the first hot air balloon that was the first thing that was able to transport people in the air.
  • Bicycles

    These were invented by Pierre Lallement, Marius Olivier, Kirkpatrick Macmillan, and Pierre Michaux
  • First Steam Locomotive

    First Steam Locomotive
    Invented by Richard Trevithick in the UK, this was used to haul trains, and later was able to use for passengers.
  • First Gas Engine Automobile

    First Gas Engine Automobile
    Jean Lenoir invented the first internal combustion engine, that burned coal gas and air, which he put into cars, and eventually he moved onto putting them into motorboats.
  • First Usable Car

    First Usable Car
    The first usable car with internal combustion was invented by Karl Benz.
  • Motorcycle

    The German inventors Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach invented this in Bad Cannstatt, Germany.
  • First Human Flight

    First Human Flight
    The Wright Brothers invented the first flight that could be used for people.
  • Rockets

    The first liquid propelled rocket was launched and could get into space was launched by Germany.
  • Today's Transportation

    Today's Transportation
    With today's technology, one of the most popular ways of transportation is Uber-a taxi service that you can connect with through your personal device.