How the west was won

How The West Was Won

By jalonzo
  • Federal Indian Policy

    Federal Indian Policy
    The realationship between the US goverment and the Indian tribes within the borders
  • Growth Of Railroads

    Growth Of Railroads
    Railroads were soon put in most parts of the world for better use of them. It gav better transportation of people and goods to many parts of the country
  • Upton Sinclair

    Upton Sinclair
    American author who wrote oevr 100 books. Won the "Pulitzer Prize For Fiction" award.
  • Factory System

    Factory System
    How the factories worked back then. It was normal to work 12 hour days, 6 days a week in most factories
  • Manifest Destiny

    Manifest Destiny
    A widely held belief that American settlers were destined to expand across the continent.
  • Bessemer Process

    Bessemer Process
    first inexpensive industrial process for the mass-production of steel. Named after inventor Henry Bessemer who patented it 4 years later, after it was invnted in 1855
  • Eugene V. Debs

    Eugene V. Debs
    American union leader, Ran for President Of The United States, and helped with the foundeing of the American Railway Union
  • The Homestead Act

    The Homestead Act
    several United States federal laws that gave an applicant ownership of land, at little or no cost. In the United States, this originally consisted of grants totaling 160 acres
  • Barbed Wire

    Barbed Wire
    An inexpensive fence people used to keep animals in. Also used in Trench Warfare. They were also a lot easier to erect than other tyoe of fences
  • Boss Tweed

    Boss Tweed
    A symbol of greed and corruption typical in most businessmen and politicians
  • Horizantal and Vertical Interigation

    Horizantal and Vertical Interigation
    used to buy out the competition and to maintain market dominance
  • John D. Rockefeller

    John D. Rockefeller
    Founder of an oil company that dominated the industry. And ran it for almost 30 years (27)
  • Social Darwinism

    Social Darwinism
    "Survival Of The Fittest" This is based on the theory that those who were weak, like the lower class, would lose their cultural identity, while the upper class would grow in power and control.
  • Immigration During The Gulided Age

    Immigration During The Gulided Age
    Immigration during this time made the economy worse than it already was. Most of the "immigrants" came from neighboring countires.
  • Industrialization During The Guilded Age

    Industrialization During The Guilded Age
    Transcontinintal railroad complete. Oil companies formed. Steel companies in the US were formed
  • Assimilation

    When a person of a group or place becomes part of another group or place. in 1880-1920, immigrants made them selfs at home
  • Invdntions during The Guilded Age

    Invdntions during The Guilded Age
    Tomas Edison, Electrio- Lamp
  • Eugenics

    Improving the genetic quality of the human population. Making more rich people thn poor
  • Invention Of The Automobile

    Invention Of The Automobile
    The invention of the auto mobile was one of the bggest things that occured during the Gilded Age. It provided a better, safer, and faster means of transportation
  • Haymarket Riot

    Haymarket Riot
    Began as workers striking for an 8-hour work day. Then an unknown person threw a dynimite bomb at the police. Then gun fire broke out and 7 officers died and many civillians
  • The Dawes Act

    The Dawes Act
    survey Indian tribal land and divide it into allotments for individual Indians
  • Andrew Carnegie

    Andrew Carnegie
    A wealthy steel company owner who sold his company for $480 million dollars. Started out as a poor kid when moved to america
  • Battle Of Wounded Knee

    Battle Of Wounded Knee
    This was a massacre when a fight broke out over a rifle. One gun shot was fired and then more did too. A total of close to 300 people were killed. A mixture of men, women, children, and soliders.
  • Labor Unions

    Labor Unions
    Railway Strike of 1877, Haymarket Riot of 1886, Homestead Strike of 1892, Pullman Strike of 1893 are all major events caused by labor unions
  • Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt

    Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt
    President Of The United Ststes (1901-1909)
  • Pure Food And Drug Act

    Pure Food And Drug Act
    regulated food and drugs moving in interstate commerce and forbade the manufacture, sale, or transportation of poisonous patent medicines. Signed by Theodore Roosevelt
  • Assembly Line

    Assembly Line
    Henry Ford redefined the Assembly line. he said if engine installation takes 20 minutes, hood installation takes five minutes, and wheel installation takes 10 minutes, then a car can be produced every 35 minutes.
  • The American Dream

    The American Dream
    the opportunity for prosperity and success, and an upward social mobility achieved through hard work.