How the Abnaki Tribe Came to Be

  • Jan 23, 1326

    Ancestors come together and form a tribe

    Ancestors of the current members of the Agriculture Tribe come together because of a love for farming, raising livestock, and the environment.
  • Period: Jan 23, 1326 to

    The forming of the Abnaki Tribe

  • Mar 15, 1326

    Ancestors finally come up with a tribe name

    After much debate, the five founders come up with the name Abnaki, which means those living at the sunrise.
  • Apr 27, 1327

    Other tribes are formed

    Other tribes (Communication, Engineering, Medicine, and Domestics) are formed. This is not good! None of them have any chemistry and each one believes they are the best.
  • Sep 25, 1375

    New Generation of Abnaki Members Replace Orignal Founders

  • Aug 24, 1400

    Tribes begin to grow rapidly

    At this point, the tribes get the biggest they will ever get in their history; the average amount of people per tribe is two hundred.
  • Oct 22, 1407

    The Highest Population

    By this point, the tribes' populations are at their height and will begin to go down.
  • Jul 7, 1410

    War breaks out between tribes

    Tribes have been rumbling against each other for awhile, but finally a war breaks out between all tribes.
  • Oct 24, 1500

    War is finally over

    The war between all the tribes is over. All the of the tribes' populations have been reduced down to five or six, which will remain the number for centuries to come. The tribes try to make minimal contact which each other.
  • The Abnaki figure out more efficient ways to harvest crops more rapidly

  • The Abnaki Tribe figures out new ways to farm crops

    The Abnaki have figured out how to farm crops more efficiently; therefore, having the best crops of all the tribe.
  • Abnaki Tribe Invents Methane Powered Tractor

    The Abnaki, naturally being Earth-lovers, discover how to use methane from cow manure to power an engine. They then figure out how to hook it up the a device with wheels...and voila! They have the tractor! Since they have invented the tractor, they have make plowing much more faster and efficient. Also, the tractor makes carrying heavy loads much, much faster and easier.
    By inventing the first tractor, the Abnaki Tribe shapes how their history will turn out.
  • Abnaki decides to use a diesel tractor to help plow their fields

    The tractor was a new invention and it seemed like a nice piece of technology that the Abnaki Tribe was looking for. They decided to use it. They switched from their methane powered one to the diesel one because it was overall much faster.
  • Abnaki Tribe Comes up with Philosophy

    The Abnaki Tribe decides 1900 would be a good time to come up with a philosophy. They decide on: "“Everything good, comes from the Earth and we believe that motorized or electrical technology is helpful, but also problematic; therefore we only use minimal motorized or electrical technology."
  • The Abnaki trade in their original diesel powered tractor for a new one

    The original diesel powered tractor was wheezing, so Abnaki decided to trade it in for a newer diesel powered one.
  • Abnaki trades in second diesel tractor for newer one

    Since their second tractor was on it's last legs, Abnaki decided to trade it in for an even faster and newer tractor. This is the tractor they will have up until 2090.
  • Abnaki's Diesel Tractor Crashes, as the Technology Apocalypse is only five years away!

    Since their diesel tractor crashes, they resort back to using the methane powered one.
  • Technology Apocalypse 3

    Since they were pretty much living off of natural resources, the Technology Apocalypse does not affect the Abnaki Tribe as much as it affects other tribes.
  • Technology Apocalypse Suddenly Happens!

    On January 1, 2095, all forms of technology suddenly crashed. That included our tractor. Since we were and are very dependent on the environment for everything we need, the apocalypse didn't really affect us a much as it affected the other tribes.
    We believe that this happened because too many people were dependent on technology. The satellites and transmission towers just crashed. Everything from tractors to toothbrushes were dependent on the towers. Only the most basic technologies remain.
  • Technology Apocalypse 2

    It started in New York, where almost everyone has something that connects to a satellite. Gradually, the satellites burned out from too much usage. It spread to the rest of the Americas, and then finally spread to the rest of the other continents.
  • The Abnaki Tribe's most current members meet for the first time

    The current members discuss ways to restore all of the technologies for everyone.