How Movies Got Better

Timeline created by Keidrick King
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  • The First Camera

    The First Camera
    A man named Joseph Nicéphore nepce invented the first camera with a pair coated with silver chloride.
  • The First Film

    The First Film
    The First Film Was Made When A French Man And His Friends Were

    Were At A Horse Race.The Man Said That He'd Bet $25,000 That One Of The Horses Are Gonna Have All 4 Hooves Off The Ground And The Bet Has Begun.So The Placed Cameras Around The Track And Waited For The Race To Begin.
  • A Film that caused people to stampede

    A Film that caused people to stampede
    A French film called Arrival of a Train at La Ciototat Was 50-second long short film that introduced the natural things at the train station.people who watched the film thought there was a train coming towards them and started to stampede at the back of the theatre.people started to get trampled over until they realized it was all faked was just a train
  • The First Silent Films

    The First Silent Films
    The first silent film was 12 minutes long and had 14 scenes in was made by Edward Porter and he was a employ of Edison.
  • First film with color

    First film with color
    The Wizard of Oz Was the first film with color and used Technicolor.Technicolor was the best choice to make colored film.
  • First film with sound

    First film with sound
    the first movie with sound and talking was called the Jazz Singer.It was a major hit and it used something called Vitaphone, the only way sound could be recorded.
  • The First Blockbuster

    The First Blockbuster
    if you ever liked sharks or was wondering what the first blockbuster was, it was Jaws.Jaws was the best and first blockbuster to earn $100 million at the box office
  • First Movie With CGI

    First Movie With CGI
    The first movie with cgi was Jurassic Park.It has a rating of 91% Rotten Tomatoes and 93% liked the movie.
  • Block Buster of 2000

    Block Buster of 2000
    Mission:Impossible was a block buster of 2000 making at least $100 million worldwide ad is number 1 on the list of best block busters of 2000.
  • Blockbusters Now

    Blockbusters Now
    This is the year when Blockbuster movies use new technology and require larger budgets.