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How Google began and their History

  • The Meet

    Larry Page and Sergey Brin meet at Stanford.
  • BackRub

    Sergey and Larry work together to make a serch engine called Backrub but soon it got to big for Stanford's bandwidth.
  • Googol

    ON this day they register as a domain as a play on the word that is a mathamatical term for the number that is shown as a 1 with 100 zeros
  • Doodles

    Co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim writes check for $100,000 to Google Inc. but at that time Google Inc. still did not exsist. Sergey and Larry are going to the Burning Man festival in Nevada and encorporate the iconic Man into the Goolge logo which is the first doodle ever on Google
  • Garage

    First Google files an incorpoaration in Cal. Sergey and Larry open bank account in Google's name and deposit the check they got from Bechtolsheim. Google also sets up a work space in the garage of Susan Wojcicki in Cal.
  • Moving

    They out grow garage and go to 165 University Ave with just 8 employees.
  • Moving AGAIN!

    Google moves to their first Mountain View location a few miles south of Stanford.
  • Chef

    Google gets thier first chef Charlie Ayers
  • First April Fools

    Google announces MentalPlex where Google can "read your mind", but was actual the first April fools they played on users
  • Period: to

    Awards and 10 Languages

    They won their first Webbu Awards for Technical Achievement and Peoples' Voice. Also the First 10 language versions for are realesed to public. The languages include Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Portuguese, Norwegian, and Danish. Now adays Google search is avialable in more than 150 languages.
  • Google New York

    Google New York
    Google New York started in a Starbucks with a one-person sales team. Today there are 2,000+ Googlers working in the New York Office
  • Google Toolbar

    Plug-in Google toolbar that makes it possible to search without having to actually go to the Google page
  • Images

    Google Images is launched and it offered access to 250 million pictures.
  • Japan

    They open their first international office in Tokyo, Japan. Also Sergey and Larry are named presidents of tech, and products.
  • Google Zeitgeist

    Google Zeitgeist
    This is when Google shows a visual of what people searched for over the year just ending.
  • Google Labs

    Made to help Google test out beta tech which helped make some Google features like Google Trends
  • Google News

    This was launched with 4,000 news sources. Today it includes more than 50,000 news sources.
  • Australia

    They open a new office in Sydney, Australia
  • Froogle

    Is now known as Google Shoping where people could look up things to buy.
  • Code Jam

    Programmers compete for cash prizes which started what is now known as Google Code Jam and attracts tens of thousands of contestants each year
  • Google Print

    Google Print
    Now known as Google Books which is where they would take small excerpts from books to appear in your search results. To date they have scanned 20 million plus books
  • Google Local

    Where they offer relavent neighboorhood duisness listings, maps, and directions. It was then eventually combined with Google maps.
  • Gmail

    At first the April fools joke was that it was invite only but now 425 million people use Gmail
  • Greater China Area

    Google opens an office in Hong Kong which is their first in the Greater China region.
  • Period: to

    Bunch of stuff

    WHat is now Google Earth was launched, Google SMS is also launched. They open a European headquarters in Dubin, Ireland. They also open new offices in Bangalore and Hyderbad, India.

    Dedicated to Idea that through technology the world can be a better place
  • Period: to


    Google Maps was introduced and then put on mobile phones. The first YouTube video was put up but YouTube at that time was not part of Google. Personlized homepages for Google known as iGoogle was introdced. Google Mobil Web Search is released. Satellite imagery was unveiled along with Google Earth. Google talk created to let Gmail users contact each other through IM or just by talking to them. They announce opening of offices in Sao Paulo and Mexico City, their first in Latin America.
  • Period: to

    More Stuff

    Doodle 4 Google contest starts in UK and since then it has become and anual contest across the 6 continents. Gmail goes mobile in the US
  • Period: to


    Google Calander and Google Finance launch.Google translate launches offering translations between English and Arabic, now it offers translations between 70+ different languages.Google Trend launches and so does Gmail in Arabic and Hebrew.Google Ceckout made online payments easy which paved way for Google Wallet. Oxford Dictionary adds Google as a verb.Google Apps for Your Domain is launched but with few apps.Google also in 2006 launch Apps for Educaton.Also web-based Docs$Spreadsheets realeased.
  • YouTube

    YouTube is aquired by Google
  • Period: to


    Best Companies to work for Goole #1.Google Maps adds traffic info for 30+ cities around US.Now available in 50+ coutnries.First gBikes appear on campus.Street View released for Maps in 5 US cities.Expanded YouTube Partnership Program includessome of the most popular and original content cretators from YouTube community. New app added to Google Docs for making slide presentations. Google announces Android, the first open platform for mobile devices.
  • Period: to


    BOLD Internship for students underepresented in tech. Google Map Maker launches leting people update geographic info in Maps and Earth helping ensure accuracy.Google makes street view for the entire 2008 Tour de France.Google's first iPhone app debuts with Apple's 3G iPhone.Google Suggest which is later named Autocomplete helps make searching easier.Street view goes outside of Eur.and the US to Japan and Australia.T-Mobile announces G1 first phone with Android.Google Chrome becomes downloadable
  • Period: to


    Updated Google Mobile App for iPhone makes it possible to google webserach using your voice. Also Google Flu Trends is released to see activity of flu around US
  • Period: to


    Google launches Voice Service for Android. Google Voice is realesed. Google uses goats to trim grass. Google takes of beta labels off enterprise and consumer versions of Gmail, Google Calender, Google Docs, and Google Talk.Annonuce that Google is developing Google Chrome OS for laptops. Google Maps Navigation is turn-by-turn GPS with 3D views, voice guidance and live traffic data. Mac and Linux get Chrome. Windows also got some extensions for Chrome as well as Linux but they were all beta.
  • Period: to


    Nexus One realesed to show what Android devices can do.Googles first Super Bowl commercial tells a love story through search items.Bikie directions and bike trail data is introduced to Google Maps.Change their name to Topeka for April Fools because Topeka changed their name to Google.Google TV is built on Chrome and Android and gives fast and easy way of navigating to TV channels,websites,apps,shows,and movies. "Life in a Day" a cinemaric experiment that documents 1 day through peoples' eyes.
  • Period: to


    Priority box shows you the important emails and helps handle and overload of info in Gmail. Google Instant shows search results as you type making Googling a breeze. You can explore all 7 continents with birds eye. Google announces that they have developed tech for a car that can drive itself. YouTube introduces Trueview which is where you can skip the ad after 5 seconds.
  • Period: to


    The Google Art Project lets you take a virtual tour of the worlds best museums. The +1 is introduced so that if you trust a page you give it a "thumbs up" helping contacts find the best stuff. For Charlie Chaplin's 122nd birthday the first live-action doodle was made. Google Wallets is convenient when shopping in-store online or on the go. The first Chromebooks were announced from partners Acer and Samsung. Google launches "Google+ project-real-life sharing rethought for the web"
  • 2011

    10 billion plus downloads from Chinese market.
  • Period: to


    Chrome launches for android users and three months later for iOS users. Android market becomes Google Play.Project Glass inveiled.Google Drive is released enabling the user to share collaborate and keep their files. Hangout On Air is released to the whole world.Knowledge Graph is introduced which also makes search easier. Google also obtains Motorola Mobility. Google Product Search transitions into Google Shopping to help people look for products and connect to merchants.
  • Period: to


    Google Now is announced which brings you info before you ask for it like the weather.The first Nexus 7 7in tablet made to bring Google Play content to life and bring to you thebest of Google.The Olympics go live on YouTube. Viewers watch 230 million video streams.Samsung Chromebook available for purchase $249.Google Maps is made available to the iPhone.
  • Period: to


    On of their newest laptops the Chromebook Pixel is made for power users who have embraced the cloud. Google Now is released for iPhone and iPad.They release pictures of the Earth taken from space over a quarter-century showing changes over time of the Earth's surface.Google Play Music All Access, a new monthly subscription service for music.Update released of the Google Maps app for tablets and smartphones.Chromecast is a device that lets you use your phone,laptop,or tablet to bring TV to life
  • Android

    Android passes 1 billion device activations