How FA developed football in the UK

By sglynn
  • Early days

    decided that tape will now be across the goal, which will be 8 feet from the goal, this developed football because you could tell easier if the ball was over the line.
  • Members of the FA

    11 members when the FA first began now it has offically 29,000. this developed over a period of time because more become involved in the FA which meant the growth of football.
  • Period: to

    FA established

  • New rules

    no charging from behind in the field of play. this helped the game grow as there was fair play during the game and no 'rugby' tackle fouls during the game.
  • International

    England play Scottland, 15,000 attendence, this was the first international game, this made football move on because the numbers would only become bigger, this was good for international football.
  • FA Cup

    The first FA cup final, a 'pleasnt contest'. this grew by time because more people become involved in the FA, which more teams competed in the FA cup meaning the cup would only get bigger, and it is the oldest knock out competition in history of football.
  • FA Cup

    First FA cup final that had nets, this game was Blackburn Rovers v Notts county, this added to development because the game expanded and you could tell easier if a goal was scored.
  • Professionals

    maximum wage professional player could earn up to £4 a week, this changed football because footballers would try earn as much as they could, this would infulence more people to play football and try and make it at a professional level.
  • Football goes global

    The national stadidum is completed, 'wembley' and it is ready to host the first World cup in England, this is a stepping stone for football inside the UK and for the global, this means football will be spoken about world wide and people will visit England for the World cup.
  • FA cup final at Wembley

    the first FA cup final at wembley was a record 126,047 attendence this is still currently the record, this is a massive boost in football because this means the game is getting more liked and popular which means the game will only keep growing and having big attendency.
  • Numbered shirts.

    first Cup final where players number wore numbers on the back of the shirts, Everton wore 1-11 and Manchester City wore 12-22, this developed the game because you could tell what player was who by the number of the shirt on the back.
  • Internationals

    England v Scottland, game was held in glasgow, attendency was 149,547 this is a British record, The game is getting more popular, the game will keep gorwing in size and more people will watch as we can see from the records keep getting smashed from 15,000 in the first national match to years later that being smashed by thousands mroe people watching at the game.
  • football league season

    attendency over a year in the 1948-94 season was a massive 41.2m, this devleoped the football league because the more people going to watch the football meant more teams were gettting more suppourt and the more money was going into football meaning more development in the game.
  • Wage/transfer

    maximum wage from £20 a week for any professinal was abolished, Denis Law was the first £100,000 transfer from Manchester City to Torino, this developed the game as the more money invested into football players became more expensive and money hit a new climax in the game, essentially making it what football is to this day.
  • MOTD

    First ever MOTD2 is aired on BBC2, this progressed football in the league because if people were busy in the day time they could still watch the highlights of the days games, this made it more watchable and more people would tune into the football as it was only highlights.
  • New rules

    in the football league, each team were allowed a substitution, this developed the game becasue if you had a injured player before this rule you could be at a unfair advatage only having 10 player with the rules it allows the game to be fair.
  • WFA

    Womens football association (WFA) was formed, 44 memebers joined, this progressed the game, because it made football exceptable for any gender and this would get more individuals involved in the game nationally and world wide.
  • new rules

    FIFA approve of using penality shoot out to decide the game if it is a draw at then end of any cup match at any level, this develops the sport because some cup games would go 4 or 5 times on until it is decided who wins, where 1 or 2 legs then penalty shoot out to decide makes the process easier and quicker for the players and the viewer, and also pentalties would give excitment.
  • new rules

    Yellow and Red cards were first on the scene in 1976, this would make it easier for the ref e.g. giving yellows or red cards to player who keep commint offences on the pitch, breaking or wasting the time of play, the first player to get carded was David Wagsatffe.
  • Englands first black international

    "Yellow, purple or black- if they're good enough, I'll pick 'em" -Ron Greenwood. Selecting Viv Anderson which is Englands first black international player, this progressed the sport because it become more fair to any ethniticity playing, meaning whether you was white, black, asian etc. you would have a chance at any level if you're good enough, this encouraged more people to get involved into football.
  • Million pound man

    Trevor Francis Birmingham city player joins Nottingham forest for a record £1m transfer between two English clubs, this develops football as the money getting pumped into sport increasing to stupid amounts, this can only increase and as we know today the money in football today is ridicilous.
  • Hillsborough disaster

    The hillsborough disaster happened in the FA cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham forest, this is the worst disaster in English footabll history claiming 96 lifes, this developed the saftey in football from having seating and having many more exits in the ground and also having a maximum attendence in the ground and not over packing the stadium.
  • Preimer league is formed

    The preimer league is formed 1991-92 season. BBC and BSkyB paying a woaping £304m which is a 5 year coverage, this develops football because a new league is started and means more individuals can watch the league on a regular basis, this also promotes the game, the league being played on two massive chanels on TV, meaning more people will get involved in football.
  • out of contract Page 1

    A belgian player changed football forever 'Jean-Marc Bosman' because he was out of contract, and that means he could elave the club ona 'free' one meaing a transfer to another club wouldn't cost the club, this made football change massively because this made clubs stricter on players signing contracts and making the money almost impossible to not turn down so they dont run there contract out and go to another contract on a free, this also made football the was it is today 'page 1'
  • Out of contract page 2

    becasue it has made the money in football stupid from money for transfer and wages so it convinces players to stay and also to get players to come to certain clubs.
  • Russain billionaire

    Roman Abramovich became owner of Chelsea FC in 2003, he was one of the first owners to pump millions into the club which meant other millionaires would soon follow in the premier league, this changed football and has made it what it is today worldwide, the money in the whole if football is pathetic from transfer, wages, sponserships, TV chanels, ticket prices etc,
  • Sponsorships

    car manufacturer Vauxhall take over the nationwide building society, for the England sponsorship as a team, and now budweiser sponsor FA cup competition, in the game today thereare always massive companies trying to sponsor football competitions and leagues all over the gloab, these are forever changing aswell because more money is being offered, meaning more and more money is being invested in the game,
  • Goal line technology page 1

    Goal line technology is given first real test at St. Mary's stadium home to Southampton, officially trailled in a friendly between England and Belgium, this is also been tested by FIFA aat the club world cup. This is the newst rule in football that has changed the game, becasue it is within seconds the ref will know if the ball has crossed the line, this helps and changed the results of matches, exampple from the world cup 2011 when Lampard scored and it didn't count that effect the result
  • goal line technology page 2

    of the game, and now they have goal line technology you can be 100% certain of the right result wheter the ball crossed the line or not, and you can happily leave the field of play knowing you come out with a fair result and not feel robbed.