320px rwandan refugee camp in east zaire

Hotel Rwanda

  • Hutu President Killed

    Hutu President Killed
    Rwandan President Habyarimana's plane was shot down by missiles as it prepared for landing. The President was killed.
  • Tutsi Prime Minister Killed; Start of Genocide

    Tutsi Prime Minister Killed; Start of Genocide
    Mad at the Tutsis, the Hutus assassinate Prime Minister Agathe Uwilingiyimana. They then began to hunt down Tutsi and kill them, beginning the genocide.
  • Arrival at "Hotel Rwanda"

    Arrival at "Hotel Rwanda"
    The Rwandan Army arrived at Paul Russabagina's house, and makes a demand for Paul to open the Diplomates since he is the manager. Paul brings 32 'family members' with him. However, the Army general eventually catches on to his scheme. Paul decided to negotiate a price to pay for them all, one million French fancs, so they could be kept safe.
  • Belgium Withdraws Peacekeepers

    Belgium Withdraws Peacekeepers
  • Rusesabagina Named Official Interim Manager

    Rusesabagina Named Official Interim Manager
    Paul was named official interim manager of the Mille Collines so that he can retrieve the master keys to the hotel.
  • Hotel Protection

    Hotel Protection
    UN security withdraw internation forces, dropping from 2500 troops to 270 troops. Paul, while being interviewed with a Belgian newspaper at the Mille Collines, asked for hotel protection and was provided with National Police guarding the hotel.
  • UN Attempts

    UN Attempts
    The UN attempted to evacuate the Mille Collines, keeping their deal with the Hutu government, and only the people with invitations from other people abroad could leave the hotel in the UN trucks. Paul made a list of people, including his family, but he decided to stay at the hotel and protect the refugees. The UN envoy was attacked right after they left the hotel but they successfully got back to the hotel.
  • Attacks on the Hotel

    Attacks on the Hotel
    Paul is informed by the Rwandan Army Intelligence Agent that there would be an attack on the hotel later that afternoon. Paul makes many calls. A rocket was shot right above the second floor of the hotel, but no one was injured.
  • Second Attempt at Evacuation

    Second Attempt at Evacuation
    The destination for the second attempt was a hill behind RPF lines. The attempt was much more organized than the first time, and ended up in success. Paul's family doesn't leave with the UN, because Paul doesn't trust they will protect them after what happened the first time.
  • General Bizimungu

    General Bizimungu
    Paul left the hotel to me with a commander of the National Police at the Diplomates hotel, General Bizimungu. They got news that the Rwandan militia and Interahmawe have entered the Mille Collines. They then go back and Bizimungu ordered to halt the mass execution. The militia followed his orders and filed out of the hotel for the last time. This resulted in a joint order by the UN, RPF, and Rwandan Army for the evactuation of the hotel.
  • Final Evacuation

    Final Evacuation
    The Hotel Mille Collines is completely evacuated and not one person that was a refugee was killed or harmed in any way by militia.
  • Paul Rusesabagina's New Life

    Paul Rusesabagina's New Life
    Paul and his new family left for Brussels, Belgium to begin a new life.