Horse Meat Journey

  • Food Safety Authority of Ireland

    The food safety authority of Ireland announces that some beefburgers being sold to supermarkets have equine DNA and traces of horse meat in them. Thousands of products are taken off the shelves, supermarkets included Tesco, Aldi, Lidl and Iceland.
  • ABP

    ABP food group suspend work at their foodplant in Ireland and County Monaghan. Burger King who are supplied by ABP switch suppliers.
  • Poland & Romania

    the Irish authorities announce that they bieleve the filter products made from horsemeat came from Poland and in some parts of Romania
  • ABP

    ABP estimated to have lost £39 million pounds in contracts.
  • Tesco and Aldi

    Tesco and Aldi remove frozen spaghetti and meat lasagne meals produced by the french food supplier comigel who are linked to Findus beef lasagne.
  • FSA - Food Standards Agency

    The FSA (Food Standards Agency) investigate a slaughterhouse in West Yorkshire who have been passing off horsemeat as kebab meat and burgers. Production is suspended whilst investigations take place.
  • FSA arrests

    Following the investigations from the FSA, a 63 year old man is arrested in West Yorkshire
  • Tesco

    Tesco release a video of its CEO sending out a message to their customers following the issue. Announcing they will be updating their website to ensure customer are more informed about their products.
  • Birds Eye

    Birds Eye the frozen food maker announce their chilli con carne product contains 2% of Horse DNA. Supplied from a Belgium based company they have withdrawn from the company and have removed other products like Shepherds Pie and Spaghetti Bolognese.