Australopithecus afarensis j


  • Australopithecus Afarensis (Lucy and her relatives)

    Australopithecus Afarensis (Lucy and her relatives)
    Australopithecus Afarensis were found when a archeologist dug up a human body and called it Lucy after the Beatles song " Lucy In the Sky of Diamonds'. they lived in Africa. And hairy and three feet tall. They were also bipeds. Instead of using tools they used thier hands because they didn't have big brains
  • Homo habilis

    Homo habilis
    Homo habilis were found by a group of louis and Mary leakey they called this group handy man because they had a lot of tools.
    they were taller and they also were biped. They lived in Africa. They were hairy and 4 feet tall. Thier tools were bones they made simple tools and traps.
  • homo erectus (upright man)

    homo erectus (upright man)
    Homo erectus were the first hominids to migrate out of Africa. The artifacts they found was on java island. They lived at the southern coast of Asia. They had larger brains and tall about 5 feet. They used strong handaxes made out of stone. Used fire to cook animal meat.
  • Homo Sapiens neanderthalensis neanderthals

    Homo Sapiens neanderthalensis neanderthals
    The group was called Wise Man because they were a large brained group. they used there large brains to make tools. lived in Africa, east Europe and parts of Asia. Five and a half feet tall a little hairy. they used knives, spears and scrapers.They had rituals and cared for each other.
  • Homo sapiens sapiens

    Homo sapiens sapiens
    A spanish girl found a cave full of cave paintings.There were Horses, Bison and Boars. They were the first paintings to find. They lived in Europe, Africa and parts of Asia. Six feet tall, barely hairy and biped. used hooks and spears. painted and carved in caves.