Holly Golightly

Timeline created by breboy96
  • Tulip, Texas

    Tulip, Texas
    Lulemae (Holly) and her brother Fred where caught stealing milk and eggs from Doc Golightly's Farm. Doc took them in and a few months later when Lulemae was 14 she married Doc and became a mom to his 5 children.
  • Hollywood

    Lulemae ran away from Texas to San Anita where she met O.J Berman and he became her agent. He made her into a sucessful model. Then when a very respectable man Benny Polan wants to marry her she ran away to New York.
  • Sally Tomato

    Sally Tomato
    Sally Tomato a big mafia boss gets put in prison and Holly gets contacted by his lawyer. The lawyer tells her that he will pay her to go into see Mr. Tomato every Thursday. Then when she was done she would go tell the lawyer a weather report that Sally told her and Holly would get paid.
  • Fred

    Holly meets the narrator and tells him that he reminds her of her brother Fred who is in the war and that she will call him Fred. Then Fred starts being invited to her parties and meeting her friends. Rusty, a multimillionair that lives with Holly. Mag, a nice lady with a studder that starts living with Holly. Jose, Mag's love interest.
  • Winter Vacation

    Winter Vacation
    Mag, Holly, Rusty, and Jose go on a trip to Flordia. Rusty gets put in the hospitial for a broken back and Mag gets put in the hospital for a third degree sunburn. Jose and Holly continue on the trip anyway and they start there affair.
  • Marriage and Death

    Marriage and Death
    A few weeks after the vacation Rusty and Mag run away to get married which Holly and Jose are happy about because then they start dating without having to hide it. The one sad day Holly gets a telegram that says that he brother Fred has died in war. After that Holly goes a little crazy but then just starts living her life to have fun.
  • Doc is Back

    Doc is Back
    Doc finds Holly in New York and goes to visit her. She tells him that she is sorry for running away and that she loves him but she cannot go back to Texas with him and Doc accepts that kisses her and goes back to Texas without a fight.
  • Baby Time

    Baby Time
    After Rusty and Mag run off to get married and Jose and Holly start dating Holly finds out that she is pregnant and tells Fred that Jose is going to propose to her and they are going to move to Rio together with there baby and get married. Then a little later you find out that she loses her baby.
  • Trouble

    After a day of horse backriding and Fred almost dying by falling off a horse Holly walks him back to his apartment and when they get there Holly is arrested for helping Sally Tomato with drug trafficking.
  • Runaway

    O.J gets Holly out of jail on bail and then Fred tells her that Jose is breaking up with her because he doesnt want her to ruin his reputation. So Holly tells Fred goodbye and leaves and takes the plane ticket that Jose had already bought for her and runaway's to Brazil.